Christmas Tree Hunting

For us it can be just that.....a hunt! The first year I my hubby and I were married, it took us over two hours to find a tree. He had to have the perfect one. I think we went with a grand fir, and I must say, that over the years, our trees were pretty much perfect. Oh, it was fun traipsing through the Christmas tree farm in search of perfection. 
Then we moved on to noble firs where they aren't quite as perfect, but the branches are much sturdier. It can still take us forever, especially if you're hunting with my hubby and Kat. They are always looking for the best one. Me and Nan? We're pretty much along for the ride...oh, I like it just right, but I'm not quite as picky. If it's pretty and the ornaments will hang, I'll take it. This year we went with one of our young adult gals whose parents own a Christmas Tree Farm. They have beautiful trees. And can I tell you that I love living in the Northwest where you can "afford" a beautiful "dead" tree. Ours was about 9ft tall and cost $36.00 (which she and her new hubby bought for sweet was that). 
I'll tell you, it only took us about 30 minutes find the one we wanted. It's a record!! We had a great time and the weather was perfect. I'll chronicle the rest as we go.  
The hunt begins. We knew right off we wanted a noble. That's our friend above next to Nan. She's an amazing young lady. Her hubby is the one who helped us with our lights.
Well, you can't see it (it was perfectly clear to the natural eye...might need some photoshop help), but Mt. St. Helens is between the trees. We were also able to see Mt. Adams. This tree farm is "up" in the hills and the views are exquisite.
Racing to check out one we saw from a distance.
" about this one." 
Or...maybe this one....we didn't chose either of them.
Kat coming down the hill from the barn. Our pastors son and his wife were married 2 years ago and their recetion was held upstairs in this barn. It was soooo cool.
Kat stopping for a photo.
Nan, doing what she did all morning....RUN!!
At last, we found it...hubby chose to use a bow saw instead of a chain saw...then he saw the stump. Kat took a turn and then willingly gave it up. 
The topic of conversation was "well, you chose that saw". And..."imagine what it was like in the old wonder they were in great shape". 
Finally! After three people cutting, the tree is down....I'm glad I was taking the pictures.
After they took the tree to shake it we took the opportunity to have some pictures taken.
They not only have trees, but they have cows.
Hubby is trying to tell us we should sit and straddle the fence, but DON'T fall over the other side. It was all mud and manure. I'm not sure we were agreeing with him.
I'm seriously praying at this point that I don't fall over the top.
Nan thinks it's funny to joke about falling it, and out of all of us, she'd have the best attitude about it if she did.
Okay, mom....I'll just smile.
We were telling them to climb over, walk on the rocks and stand in front of the door...I'm not sure they realized there were cows in the barn as well as out of it.
They opted for this side of the fence, and as usual it took three shots to get them to just smile and not be silly goofs. Shot #1
Shot #2
Shot #3
Hubby trimming the tree. Actually I think it was taller than 9' because he took a few more inches off before we brought it in the house...I had to do a bit more trimming as well. He and I got it in the stand and upright, but then he had to go to work so Kat and I had to finish. It was a lot of work especially bringing it in the house...but we did it. I did manage to get a kinked neck and back though.
Our first Christmas Tree in our new house. We won't decorate till we get time before. I think this has become the year of me just not caring really about who does what and things needing to be the way I want them. And that's okay. I don't always want to have things my way! I want my family to enjoy decorating as much as I do. 
It's off to Sunriver for us in a few hours. Yippee. Hopefully I'll have tons of pictures to share with you. Have a blessed weekend and week. I'm sure I'll do some posting as I know I'll get up before everyone and we're going to do a lot of hanging around, playing games, etc...
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Oh sure rub it in (living in the northwest)! But it's nice to see you in the pics finally!!!!


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