Christmas Re-cap

Tomorrow I will load more pictures since we'll actually be having church and I will be somewhere with a bit faster internet! 
I wanted to pop in though to give a re-cap of our weekend. Is anyone out there besides me still cleaning? I feel like it is neverending. We hosted both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day here and also a Christmas Party last night. So I have cooked non-stop for the past 3 days. I have loved every minute of it, but I'm definitely tired. 
Because the snow has canceled so many activities (no comments from the mid-westerners and east-coasters...I've already admitted that we are not equipped for this weather...LOL), we've pretty much been house bound and have had a few people who could make up our hill come and hang out quite a bit. It's been nice but we are ready for some type of normalcy again. This has been the longest period of time we've had snow in I don't know how long.
I believe I already posted on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day the girls arrived here at around 9:00 (they had spent the night at grandmas). I had hot cinnamon rolls waiting and my MIL made bacon for everyone. We began opening our gifts with the girls before my other two BIL's came. We didn't get very far when they showed up (quite a bit early), which was fine. The girls loved their gifts and are always very thankful. Both had surprises waiting for them....Kat received a snowboard, boots and bindings, and Nan an ipod. It was a fun day with family, eating, playing games and enjoying being together. I am so thankful for my hubby's family. They are great in-laws.
Our dinner of chicken cordon bleu was yummy and most everyone decided that next year we're going to simply do appetizers, since we snack so much and stuff ourselves. One year we did a brunch and that too was a very yummy way to do things. 
The girls received several new games for the wii and we (well, not me...I've been in the kitchen) have spent a lot of time learning the games. My Christmas gifts from pampered chef still have not arrived. FedEx is not on my list of "favorites" at the moment. I received lots of small "accessories" as my hubby calls them. Things for my hair, makeup, perfume, facial things. Stuff I normally don't take time to spend on myself. I loved it all! Now if my other stuff would get here I'd be a happy camper. 
Yesterday was spent cleaning up and getting ready for yet another party. Hubby and Kat went to town to get her fitted for her bindings and Nan and I stayed home. Towards afternoon I made a few goodies for the evening and waited for the rest to arrive. We had around 20 people here all together and had so much fun getting together especially since many of us had not seen each other for almost 2 weeks. 
Today was a day of lounging. We all slept in and just enjoyed the day playing games and watching movies. Tonight we're heading to my inlaws for cheese fondue. Yummy.
I'm sure I'm leaving out a lot but it is so hard to remember all the little details. It was wonderful being in our own home and enjoying it with friends and family. I am truly blessed and no amount of foo-fooey words could come close to describing it. Perfect? No, but blessed, most definately. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I hear ya on the cold... no snow here but I'm sorry! I am a California girl through and through and this cold, well I am soooo wanting some warm weather! Sounds like you had a really wonderful Christmas. Hope you get to rest today!

  2. Okay its no surprise that my eyes are drawn to those gorgeous cinnamon rolls. Are those from scratch?

  3. Stopping in to wish you guys a fabulous New year! Things are still alittle busy around here, but I can't wait to catch up after the first! I love the family picture of you guys. What beautiful scenery you areblessed with!


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