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As I was unpacking I came across a box ( a small 3 x 5 card size box) that was labeled "Home Box". I had forgotten about that box. But when I used it years ago I remembered how well it worked for. Especially with little ones. I'm sure now I'm sure I could come up with something similar on the computer, but I'll give you the jist of why this worked and why I liked it. 
Since we just moved into our new house (bigger and so obviously more work) I realized that I need some form of plan or I just won't get things done. I know myself pretty well even though I'd like to live in denial. If I could pay someone to clean my house I would so I'd have more time to "play" or cook. But alas I can't so I must be organized.  
For this "Home box" you'd need a file box and some 3 x 5 cards with dividers. I like multi colored cards. I'd take a picture of mine but I put it in a box temporarily and don't know where it is, and the pictures might not load anyways. 
MULTICOLORED CARDS: Use one color for "weekly", "bi-weekly", "monthly", Bi-monthly" and "yearly", etc...
DIVIDERS: On these write the days of the week and then also the months of the year. I think I also had one for "weekly" "bi-weekly"...etc....where the colored cards would go when not in use.
Now what? On each card write your various household chores and other things that need to be done on appliances, washing windows, cleaning the refrigerator. I then place all of these at the back of the box and each week I go through and according to my calendar or how I want to do things I place them under the appropriate day or month. So if I decide on Monday that I am doing floors, that card goes behind the Monday divider. When I've done it, it goes to the back of the box till next week. If it's something that needs to be done in February and it's December I'll put it behind the February tab so it's there when I look. If a chore doesn't get done, I just move it behind another day.
This worked great for me at the time and I really think it would work again. I know many don't need these kinds of tools but for my personality it's ideal. You could even have a color for each child and they can refer to the box daily for their own chores. 
I labeled it and you could even go as far as to decopauge it or do whatever to make it very attractive. When I find it I'll try to take some pictures and post them. 
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  1. Hi Kirsten,
    After you left such a nice comment on my blog, I tried to email you - twice - but it kept coming back. Here's what I wrote in the email:
    Hi Kirstin,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. You know how much we bloggers love feedback! :-) And thank you, especially, for your prayers for my son. He has a friend driving here (Iowa) from Florida to see him for the holiday, and being on crutches is going to slow him/them down, somewhat. But, we still have so many things to be thankful for...such as special people like you who are praying for him. Thank you SO MUCH!
    I look forward to getting to know you through our blogs. I'll see you at your's...which, by the way, I love your title!
    Many blessings,
    P.S. If you get my book for your daughters, I'd love to hear what you/they think. :-)


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