We Did it!

Well, once again we woke up at 3:00 this morning to hit the stores. This was one of those times when I would have loved to have seen a mobile espresso stand like I've seen at recent soccer games. What's funny is we usually don't come home with much. Not compared to other shoppers out there. I'm not sure if we just like the thought of watching all the people or what. It started about 5 years ago. We decided it might be fun to see what was out there. So we called a babysitter to spend the night (so she could be there when the girls woke up) and off we went. We chuckled at how crazy everyone seemed. I've concluded that either all the people with their carts loaded have done one of two things.
1) Saved their money all year and are doing all of their shopping now.
2) Going into major debt with their many carts full of items.
Last night hubby sat down with the ads to figure where we might want to go. Granted we didn't have much to spend but there were a few things we saw. Now, if I had lots of money to spend, I would have gotten plenty of items. There was some good stuff if I could just spend money on whatever I liked and saw. 
First on the list was Sports Authority because the first 100 customers get gift cards ranging from $10-$300. Last year we got $50 total, this year only $20. But they also had shoes for buy one get one 1/2 off. So we bought Kat some indoor soccer shoes at the sale price and hubby got a pair of shoes and then we used his $10 off card so we received two pairs of shoes for $45. Not bad. I wanted a bigger set of hand weights so I purchased a 6lb. set. They were originally $13.99, then 30% off and then I used my $10 card so I paid $8.88. Not bad either.  Then it was off to Fred Meyers. There, we purchased 2 games (buy one get one free), some Christmas lights and some slippers for Kat. The final stop was Walmart where Nan purchased two gifts for Kat and we purchased some videos (they had some really good ones for $2 each). My mother in law was at Walmart before it opened and said the line wrapped around the store. When we showed up, the checkout lines went to the back of the store. Yikes!! The only things I would have liked to have found were some inexpensive Wii games and a griddle. They had griddles advertised somewhere for $9.99 but I couldn't remember where. 
Usually we decide that except for a few exceptions, the sales aren't any better than what we'll see in a few weeks. But it's fun to just go and be crazy. Nan and her friend got up and had a fun time standing in the not so cold weather. Last year it was extremely cold. This year was much more tolerable. Kat goes with a friend of hers and they always have a blast and some silly stories. 
Now we are home. Yeah!! Nan and her friend are upstairs watching Charlotte's Web and playing. Hubby is watching Rocky Balboa, and falling asleep in the chair and I'm deciding what to make for dinner, blogging and reading my Bible...pretty talented huh? I think I'll try a turkey and wild rice soup for dinner. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. yay for leftovers, bargains and ... you need to buy your own espresso machine! we did and we've saved a ton of $$ :)

  2. my daughter went with a friend this morning.....she's slept on and off the entire day.....no black friday for her LOL


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