Pictures part one

Monday night we are having them over for dessert and games. The entertaining has begun! We are also hosting Thanksgiving which I have been really looking forward to. 
My mixer...oh how I've missed you! Especially when I've been using a hand mixer for two years and the cord always came unhooked. 
I have had some of the best cups of coffee these last few days! I missed my own coffee pot too. However, I did not miss the annoying beeping it makes when the coffee is I need to know!
I bought these dishes right before we moved at Big Lots for .99 each. I love them. The bowls and salad plates have green on them too you just can't see it as well but they really match my kitchen well.
My first...and not my last....mess. I dropped the container with the oatmeal. 
Moving and cleaning.
I was in the kitchen and heard Nan and my nephew doing something and saying "be careful of the wall", "do you got it?". So I went to investigate and found them carrying her dresser up the stairs (11 of them mind you). I actually missed the pictures so they went down a few steps and back up again. I was impressed.
I think the girls are really enjoying having their own place. They've spent a lot of time in their room which is very "full" looking right now! We are all enjoying having our own home. It is so wonderful to drive up to a house all lit up and waiting for us to enter and know it's ours! I'll take pictures of the outside one evening. It looks beautiful all lit up.
Well either I spelled everything right, or my spell check isn't working so I apologize ahead of time for any errors. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Okay I know you have a lot to do but all this did was whetted my appetite for more! LOl Im dying to see the house all moved into!

  2. i'm so happy for you! i wish you lots of happiness in your new home :)

    have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Yea for unpacking!! I hope you guys are getting settled in nicely. It has been a long time coming for y'all. Isn't it fabulous to have your own appliances to use? I am so excited for you all! Have a blessed week.


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