Picture Problems

Well, I've discovered (via my hubby) that the reason my photos are taking so long to upload or not upload at all is that while we have wireless, it's not always that strong of a signal (the company is adding some things in the spring to boost it). Sooooo sounds like for now I'll have to hope it works at times, or else upload my pictures somewhere else and then write the blog post at another time. That is a bummer because it seems a waste of time especially when I like to post pictures regularly. I've tried shrinking my image size but it still wasn't working.  I may try late at night or early morning...maybe it will be stronger then. 
I'm pretty much unpacked. I have a few boxes to go to goodwill, and few to some friends house, and laundry is almost caught up. I'm picking up a desk tonight and will put our computer on that. Just in time for Thanksgiving. I will post pictures of the house once we have it decorated for Christmas. It's looking pretty plain right now especially since we haven't hung anything on the walls.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone. And if anyone has ideas for getting my pics to load quicker I'd love it!!
With Joy UNquenchable,


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