Our Trip to Redding

My hubby and I along with another couple and our Pastors headed to Redding, CA last Monday for a conference. It was a leadership conference that was great! So much of it was just talking about honor and creating a culture of Honor. Way too much to go into detail about here, but if you go to http://www.ibethel.org/, you can download some amazing messages. There was a prophetic time where each couple or individual was able to be prophesied over for about 10 minutes. It was so good and so right on target!
We had a great time with these two other couples. Though I admit I was battling some mind games and lies the enemy was just trying to keep me believing and just asking God to break them off of my life. Things I've battled with often. I brought my camera with me but it's bigger and so I didn't take it with me as much. Hardly at all actually. I really need a little bit smaller one for these kinds of things.
We ate at one of my favorite places when we go to Redding. Yak's Coffee House. Oh, my word!! Talk about amazing food. I ate half of an Asiago Roast Beef Panini, that had roast beef, tomatoes, smoked gouda, lettuce, onion and their special panini sauce which I'm pretty sure had garlic in it. Then I had a 1/2 order of their Cranberry Chicken Paradise Salad, which was loaded with yummy greens, glazed cashews, feta cheese, cranberries, chicken, croutons and poppyseed dressing. Oh, my goodness. It was divine!
This is what greeted us when we arrived. We just left this weather behind us in Washington, or so we thought. It rained so hard we couldn't believe it. The first night of the conference downpoured, hailed, thundered, lightening and was really windy.

Dark skies!

On Wednesday the rain let up a bit so we drove to the Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay, which is a glass bridge suspended above the river by cables. Click the above link for more info. The bottom of the bridge is glass. That's my hubby in the dark jacket!

Our group heading across the river. Our pastor is to the far left. His wife is in front of everyone. Hubby and our other friend admiring the craftsmanship of the bridge. It is an amazing bridge! Heading home I was able to take some shots out of the airplane window. I thought this was beautiful they way it was bare all around the edges and then it looks as though the trees were so perfectly placed.

One gal and I walked in the mornings which was great exercise. Yesterday we were admiring the different trees and she says "oh, look! an olive tree". I said "wow, pick one". So she picks it and proceeds to take a huge bite out of it, quickly spitting it out and exclaiming "I don't think it's an olive...it's bitter". So we laughed about how that probably wasn't the smartest thing to do and how I'd have to raise her from the dead if it was poison. Well come to find out, it was an olive, but....they are very bitter and unedible until they are properly cured!! We learned our lesson!!

It's great to be home though. A group from our school at the church went to our property on Wednesday morning and did some cleaning up for us which was a blessing. The girls actually spent the night up there on Wednesday night with the gal who stayed with them. They were so excited. We came home yesterday, went right to soccer, unpacked, made dinner and I headed off with both girls to my Biggest Loser. Oh, I know I'll be sore tomorrow!!

Today, we'll finish up the week of school and make some apple butter!! It's rainy and dreary, but the leaves are amazing. On the trees and on the ground. One of the many things I love about Washington is the full seasons. They are spectacular.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Glad you had a good time. I think walking over that bridge would make me too queasy! Just thinking about it makes me a little dizzy!
    Those pics from the plane are awesome.
    Funny about the olives - I probably would have done the same thing...so now I know better, and I thank you for that!
    Hope you aren't too terribly sore!

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