Menu Plan Monday

See that guy on the left there? That's about how I feel C(: But not from food, from life. Lots going on so quick menu list today. I have to get dinner in the crockpot because I'm called to jury duty. So this week since we're packing and getting ready to move will include quick meals, and crockpot meals.
Kat requested ribs for her birthday. Yum!!! So that's what we're having today
Ribs, green beans, potatoes
Also on the menu:
Meatloaf, veggie, potatoes,
Veggie chili
cabbage rolls
pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches hopefully on homemade buns
Tuna casserole and salad
That's about it. Sides will depend on how much time I have, but usually rice or potatoes and some type of veggie. Yesterday I made homemade tomato soup which turned out pretty good. Gotta go get dinner started. Sorry I didn't post any recipes or links. Maybe I will later. I do have a recipe posted for cabbage rolls if you want to search, and maybe even for the veggie chili. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Hope the week goes smoothly for you, sounds like a yummy menu. Happy Birthday, Kat!

    Have a great week,


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