Kitchen Tip Tuesday: Easy counter cleanup & advice needed

I have found that when working with pie crust or bread dough the clean up can be a real hassle. I would love to have one of those cool mats that actually have the pie sizes marked on them (Maybe I'll get one from my pampered chef party...see post before this one if you're interested), but I don't. 
I found that taping a piece of wax paper to the counter makes for easy cleanup. Depending on the size of the dough depends on how much wax paper I use. If I need two pieces, I just tape them together and it works great. When I'm done working with the dough I just roll up the paper and toss in the garbage. I might not use this if I made pie crusts everyday but I don't so I really don't feel like I'm wasting anything. When I've just used my counter I use a pastry scraper (plastic) to scrape up the leftovers. Next week hopefully I'll be posting from my new kitchen!!
 My new pantry is open to the kitchen so no doors. I just posted pictures last night. These shelves aren't permanent but will work for now. Does anyone have links or ideas for making it look really neat since it will be wide open for the world to see!
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