Just Checkin in

Well I had every intention to upload some pictures with this post, but for reason when I try to upload on my laptop it seems to take forever....and well....I just don't have forever! 
My boxes are almost all unpacked. The living room is pretty much set up though there is still stuff everywhere. We don't have "closets" to hang our clothes in so we need to buy armoires. For now they are sitting on the floor on hangers. I spent from 6:00 this morning till about an hour ago (because I'm now babysitting my niece) unpacking. It's getting there. I think by Monday I could be done. I could be done tomorrow but we have a worship conference going on so I won't be home much.
My stove was picked up yesterday. Whoo hoo! I love it. This morning I made turkey sausage links, hashbrowns and eggs. Even breakfast tastes better in your own house (C: My microwave is awesome. It is nice and big, has an extra rack and the turntable doesn't turn, it glides from side to side...perfect for rectangular pans.
Today my cabinet hardware was delivered and installed. I love it too...took a picture, but well, it's taking too long to load so I'll try again later. 
I've done more laundry than I care to do in one day. It's been fun to go through boxes and see what I have and what I need. It's also been fun to find the boxes of pictures I had stored away and reminisce...especially ones with my mom in them. 
Well, I'm tired and should get a bit more done! Hopefully I'll get this picture thing figured out and post some in the next few days. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


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