It's Time!

It's time people! We are moving in and will be sleeping in our own house tonight. It's hard to believe that it's finally here. We went from a finished house! Granted I know many people including my pampered chef lady who have built houses in the two years we've been building ours, but I'm okay with that. I love our house. Our stove will come Friday I believe or Thursday so in the meantime I'll just use the crockpot. Yesterday, the girls and I were up there for about 4 hours bringing up boxes, unpacking, washing dishes (by hand and in my new dishwasher). Kat spent time upstairs vacuuming and organizing things while Nan and I worked in the kitchen. Both girls, but mostly Kat, freaked out when they saw mice droppings in the boxes. We teased her with the line from Tarzan that Tantor the little elephant says to his mother "is this sanitary....what about bacteria!" Finally she laughed. I also spent time down at the current house washing our towels and bedding (though the girls have no beds at the moment). Hopefully today my washer and dryer will be hooked up and cleaned out. Hubby and a friend are going to move the remainder of the items (at least the larger ones) this morning and after babysitting the girls and I will go up and finish as well as vacuum and clean down here. Does anyone have any great tips for cleaning my microfiber couches we got at Freddies? They've been in storage and I'd like to freshen them up. Hubby would rather just have someone come and clean them so they don't get messed up, but gee if I can save the money and do it myself, then why not? So off I go to finish my coffee, fold some towels, and revel in the fact that I no longer have to live in someone elses home. When the inspector gave us the occupancy we just wanted to cry. What a feeling of accomplishment. Especially for my hubby. He has worked so hard on this. My next post will be from my new home, hopefully from my own couch!! And I'll remember to take lots of pictures. I forgot my camera yesterday and it would have been great. By the way, it seemed like it took Kat and I forever to put the sock on our 30' central Vac hose! And......I lost 3 pounds last week (for a total of 8 pounds) doing absolutely nothing. How funny is that!!
With Joy UNquenchable,


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