It was a great day

I pray that your day was filled with fun and memories! I thoroughly enjoyed cooking in my own kitchen and everything turned out amazingly yummy. I was too busy though to take pictures.
This morning was beautiful! I am noticing that while I don't have a  complete view of the sunrise or sunset I get glimpses and they are spectacular. So this morning as I walked outside to go for a short walk/jog the blue sky and pink clouds mesmerized me. It was so cold though...I'm dreaming of snow....oh, how I'd love to see some this year.
Returning home from my walk (just a short one), I turned the turkey on and went to work in the kitchen. I tried a new version of the traditional green bean casserole, very good and worth using again. I'll post the recipe later this week. I also made a yummy herb dip for veggies, deviled (or Nan calls them) eggs and broccoli salad. I decided to make homemade rolls since they'd be healthier than store bought ones. The first batch didn't have enough liquid (dough was made in the bread machine). Round two was made with a bit too much liquid. I just added more flour and we were fine and they turned out very well. We ate around 1:30. 
The rest of the day was spent playing cards (hand and foot), the Wii and watching movies. I stayed away from desserts (we have one more week of the Biggest Loser and I've lost 9 pounds, I'd like to lose a few more pounds) and had very good self control eating all day. I need to buckle down and really exercise this next week everyday if possible. 
Tomorrow hubby and I along with Nan and her friend are going shopping...we are crazy. Kat went in to stay with a friend and go shopping with her family. Last year we actually ran into them at the stores. And that's amazing because we shop between Vancouver and Portland which neighbor each other and so with all those stores and all those people we were shocked to see her as well as a few others we knew.  After we're back there'll be plenty to do...divide turkey up and freeze for various meals, get the rest of our items from the house we moved from and put up some Christmas decorations (do this throughout the weekend). We will not be able to get our tree till next week but I'm okay with that. I'm finally feeling more settled in. I'm sure it'll take quite a bit of time to really feel it, like needing to put pictures on the walls, etc.
Well, I'm rambling, I'm tired so I will sign off. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


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