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Saturday was a rainy, blustery fall day. Just perfect for a soccer game on a field that is known for quickly becoming a mud pit. I prayed the whole time that I wouldn't slip and fall. At one point the wind kicked up and almost took my umbrella, me along with it! The girls were soaked long before the game even started. I'm telling you, soccer is one of those sports for die-hards! You don't have a choice of playing in the rain. The only time a game is canceled is if there is lightening. Hubby is the coach of Nan's team. I just watch and take millions of pictures. I really don't know anything about soccer anymore. I still don't recognize when someone is off-sides (don't even ask me to explain it). He is also an assistant coach to Kat's team, and has either been her coach or asst. coach for the last 9 years (I'll post more on this Wednesdayish). Well, Saturday was Kat's last game of the season and her last game with her current team (posting on this Wednesdayish). He has hardly been to any of her games because they're always the same time as Nans and he doesn't have an assistant. Soooooo, Thursday he tells me he's going to be leaving Nan's game early and I'm going to be coaching the remainder of the game so he can make it to Kat's game for the ending. WHAT! You've got to be kidding me!! I can't coach her soccer team. All those thoughts ran through my head for two days. Saturday morning dawned and I felt sick to my stomach. Even though we had made arrangements for a friend to help me, I was still so nervous that I made myself sick over the whole thing. We arrive at the field to find it a mud pit and raining...two of my least favorite things. But....I survived and the girls did fine. I wouldn't have fared so well had our friend not been there. He saved my hide! I took a few pictures of Nan when we arrived home. I think the last thing she wanted to do was pose for pictures.
She was soaked from head to toe and could barely get her socks off. We made her sit on a blanket on the way home. That is dried mud on her legs.I could send this in to our laundry company!! I'll post a pic of Kat in a similar muddy state later. Onto the house.....we are close, very close...only a few weeks away. I thought I'd share just a few pictures.
Our bathroom with shower doors, sink and countertop installed.
Trim and floors in kitchen/pantry area.
Girls sink and countertop.
more trim in kitchen area.
I didn't get pictures of the girls bathroom floor or the upstairs utility. I'll do that later. Just wanted to get a few on here. The knotty pine trim really matches the look of the exterior.
Well, it's off to meet a friend for coffee and then a day of errands in town. And it's raining...eewwww... I need to go look at appliances and buy some exercise shoes. I'm doing well on our Biggest Loser. I have definately toned up and I think I've lost about 5-7 pounds. Not sure though. I'll find out Tuesday. I have more energy and can jog further than I've ever been able to jog! My Kat turns 13 this Wednesday. WOW!! I hope to do a post on her..I need to go dig up some pictures though.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Oh - yucko! Soccer in rain = not much fun. Good for you for coaching despite your fears - I'm sure you did just fine.
    So excited for your big day coming - it's getting closer each day :)

  2. Oh, that poor little mite. I just want to wrap her up and give her a hug!

    The house is looking great, Kirstin.

    Happy birthday, Kat!!!!!!! from all of us at Our Red House.


    (PS, could you email me privately, please? I need your email address again as I lost all my email backups when our computer crashed twice.)


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