Happy Thanksgiving to my blogging friends. Praying your day is filled with joy, laughter and amazing memories!
The girls and I had so much fun making the stuffing, and stuffing the bird. I made a broccoli salad and yummy herb dip for the vegetable platter. This morning I'll put the turkey in, make some rolls and a new Green Bean Casserole from Eating Well Magazine. I'll share all the recipes later this week. 
We are sharing Thanksgiving with Kevin's parents and his brother and wife (parents of my niece who we've all been caring for since birth's). Praying that all goes well. She (my niece) by the way is doing great. She is thriving and growing...at 4 months she is now up to 10lbs. 11oz. (she was only 4 lbs. at birth).
How many are going shopping tomorrow? We are debating whether to go or not. We'll see what happens. Hubby will start putting up some Christmas lights today. Yippee. The girls and I will begin decorating and hopefully we'll get our tree. 
Take time today to be thankful for all that God has done, is doing and will continue to do in your lives. 
And for whatever reason, this picture loaded with no problems...I got it off the web...I need to figure the loading of my pictures differently.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving, Kirstin! I hope you and your family enjoy a most lovely holiday.

    Many Blessings,

  2. Shopping tomorrow? Um...no thanks! Even though I have friends who make it an annual event, that's one day I avoid the mall. Actually, the very best day to Christmas shop is Halloween! (See my blog about it in October.) lol
    Lovely photo you posted.

  3. My gosh, Christmas keeps starting earlier and earlier. As a Halloween costumes retailers I am a little concerned that folks will forget about Halloween and go directly to Christmas. It seems like Thanksgiving has already suffered that fate.


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