A Fun and Busy Day

Wow, what a crazy weekend it has been. But with all the craziness, it has been so fun. Getting ready to move is exhilarating, time consuming and at times hair raising. Yesterday (Sunday) I spent most of the afternoon packing. I wasn't a completely organized packer. I was just putting things in boxes (according to room though), but I figured, it'll go up there, get unpacked and that's it. Then part way through hubby calls me to go to the store. I'm in shorts and a t-shirt, keeping in mind we have a wedding to go to and need to leave the house at 4:15 since Kat is serving. One of our young adults calls and says she's dropping off a dress for Kat. No problem. It's 3:00, got lots of time. Go to the store, to the property and run into a neighbor who wants to see the house (oh, after I've gone to two stores to find what he needs). Show her the house quickly, praying she doesn't want to talk long. Get home at 3:30, to find girls trying to get ready. Kat rarely wears dresses and was a bit nervous. The dress was darling but the straps needed to be sewn tighter. Spend the next 30 minutes fixing dress, helping her dress (the gal brought some heels which Kat wasn't sure how to wear). Then iron hubby's shirt and lay out his jeans because he's at the property working still. It's now 4:00 and I'm still in shorts, a t-shirt no fresh hair or makeup. I throw on something to wear, throw my hair up, touch up the makeup and we're out the door. Kat looked beautiful (the heels only lasted about 15 minutes and she opted for the flip flops she brought (which are more "her" anyways). She did a great job serving at the reception. The wedding was one of our young couples and let's say as far as weddings go, this was amazing. The presence of God was so totally there you could feel it. Our pastor actually had both moms and dads and grandparents come up and give the bride and groom away as a symbol of passing on a heritage (they come from strong homes). We worshipped and then after communion hubby and I and the young mans aunt went up and prophesied over them. It was wonderful.
Afterwards a wonderful meal of ciabatta, hazelnut crusted chicken, penne pasta in a cream sauce, roasted fall veggies and mixed green salad with cranberry dressing was served. Yum. Then our worship band played a few fast worship songs and we danced and worshipped. What a blast. Kat (on the right) with two of her friends. Kat (on the right) with her small group leader (in the other black dress), and two friends.
close up. Beautiful girls.
Kat and another friend. She looked so grown up, but not too grown up. She absolutely loves to serve. She stayed till 10:00 taking down everything. Nan just has fun!!
Friends again.
Well, I was called to jury duty and couldn't get out of it. Not that I mind serving, but right now is a terrible time, so I'm really praying that I don't even get called up to do it. I just want to keep packing.
No school for the girls today so we can pack more. So off I go...there are so many things I want to post on, but they'll have to wait.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. It looks as if life is overly exciting for you at the moment! Packing to move into your new home! How fabulous! You have worked and waited so long for this time that I can just feel the anxiousness you are experiencing. I wish you all the best of luck with this move. I hope that it goes smoothly for you.
    Have a lovely Monday,


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