Christmas Lights

The lights are on the house and I love them. I think I've posted these pictures smaller to see if it would help in loading them quicker, but I much prefer them a bit larger. I'll work on it. It was a foggy night tonight when I went out to take pictures. I left the house armed with camera and tripod (since I knew I wouldn't get a good shot without it.). I'm wishing at this moment that I had a wide angle lens (I may borrow one). I have a month to keep working to get a great shot. 
This is our friend Christopher....he was our lifesaver...not only is he not afraid of heights, or  steep roof lines but he's 6'1 and reaches things alot better than hubby and I at our 5'6, 5'7 heights. He climbed up on the roof today to put the final lights on the peaks, which made all the difference. We love him!! And his new wife (he was married 2 weeks ago)
A different angle.
I'm so thankful to be in our home. What a wonderful feeling it is. I still haven't decorated the inside of the house. Hopefully I'll have some decorated by the time my pampered chef party tomorrow night. With the consultant we're making artichoke dip, but I'm also going to make a pasta salad, pumpkin bread and have some veggies and dip. 
It's off to get the girls school together. We really haven't done it for two weeks since we were moving and I just wasn't organized enough...I bad! We'll catch up somehow!
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Kirstin it looks beautiful! Don't feel bad about missing school - this is the beauty of homeschooling - flexibility! Plus moving and this house was a huge homeschooling lesson! Don't overlook that at all.

    Thanks for posting pictures.

  2. It looks beautiful.. if it would ever stop raining here when my DH's is home, then maybe we will beable to finish up our outside lights and get them on.. I so want to get all this decorating stuff done and start enjoying the view.

  3. Looks great! John wants to put Christmas lights up on our rebar :)


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