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I'm telling you....I am flying high with the thought of moving in a few days. And at the same time knowing I'm probably going to be running on fumes by the end of the week. Thankfully soccer is over and we are actually not going to do school this week or next. That was a tough decision because I don't want to get behind but I know it'll be too stressful to try and do school and move. Microwave was picked up today and stove will be picked up Friday. Final inspection is tomorrow. Cabinet hardware will also arrive later this week. The plan for the girls and I is to begin moving things up to the property and unpacking. This will take place every day after we babysit my niece. I think it'll work great. I've gotten almost everything here at the current house packed. Here are a few pictures of the cabinets. I absolutely love them. I couldn't put a picture of the downstairs bath because there was too much stuff on the counter and I wasn't in the mood to move it.
Garage/living area is now stained and sealed!! These are knotty alder. I love it!!! I am so pleased too with how the black appliances look. It looks very sharp! In the area where the future washer and dryer will go we had the guy put some shelves and doors. This will be great. I think a great place to store larger platters, pans, etc.. Upstairs laundry area and my washer and dryer which I need to clean before we use them.
Girls bathroom. These are also knotty alder. The downstairs is knotty pine.
Hubby is making me some shelves for the pantry. We'll either stain these or paint them. They are pine I think...not sure. We got them from a friend who has a milling machine and does his own cutting. This will be so nice. I have so much storage space...yippee...more room to put things! I think the white pantry thingie I have now will go upstairs in the laundry area. I need to find some really neat storage containers so things look neat! Any suggestions?
Another few of the kitchen.
Hopefully next pictures will be of a home filled with furniture! I think I will probably cry when we move in.
I need to find a few beds, a desk and a few other things. Plus I haven't bought mirrors yet. Hubby said we could just buy cheap hand mirrors. I rolled my eyes and said "yah right!"
I ended up serving on the jury today. But it was neat because a friend of mine from church was there and we ended up on the same jury. Crazy! We even went to lunch together which was so nice. We ate at a yummy deli that had amazing food for amazing prices. I had a grilled avocado sandwich (which had avocado, tomato, sprouts, mayo, Swiss cheese and lettuce on sourdough), and a side salad for $6.99..totally filled me up. She had a chicken Parmesan pesto sandwich which looked amazing and had the Parmesan cheese grilled on top of the bread. I was home by 4:00 which was really nice since I had dinner going in the crockpot. Ribs for Kats birthday dinner which turned out really tender and yummy. Then we had baked potatoes and green beans.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I cannot wait to see the move in pics. Only someone who has been there and done that knows your excitement. Ive been there and done that. lol

  2. Storage idea: square or rectangular baskets with the handle built into the end and a fabric liner! Either a solid shelf of them, or mix in some favorite dishes between baskets to store/display (like a favorite pitcher, a vase, or some ceramic bowls)

    Could get spendy if you got a lot of them, but maybe if you get those "cheap hand mirrors" you could justify the extra $$$. :)

    Have fun!


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