Works for Me Wednesday: Costco online photo center

After reading this, run on over to Works for Me Wednesday for other great tips like using google calendar, roasting pumpkin seeds, and uses for the dishwasher. Great stuff! I have been using Costco Photo Center for as long as it's been available and we've been members. Then I went digital (camera wise) and got a little lazy with printing pictures. I then discovered a few years ago that I could simply upload my photos to their website and order away! This works best if you have high speed internet. The cost and quality....incomparable. I know there are other places like Shutterfly, etc..but I just really like Costco. Recently we decided to take our own pictures of our youngest daughters soccer team instead of paying the high price of someone else doing them. I must say they turned out great. I was able to upload all the girls' pictures, and individually choose sizes on one screen. I could edit them and make sure it worked with the size photo I was using. We ordered wallets (.39 for 4), 5 x 7's (.39), 8 x 10's (1.49) and we're doing collages (2.99) as well. The parents loved the fact that they hardly paid anything and got great pics. We live close enough to Portland (35 minutes), that I pick them up there to save on tax, only if I have other things to do there, otherwise I might as well pay tax and save gas. I hope to do this with school pictures as well (since we homeschool). All you need is a membership card and then go to and click on their photo center. Oh, the other perk....they're ready in an hour! How easy is that! If I was really on top of my game I would have taken pictures of the screen throughout the ordering process to show you how easy it was. Maybe when I order the collages. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I use Sam's Club. It works great to do this. I love it. It is so much easier this way. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I use Costco for about 99% of my photo printing. If there is a good sale on line, I might order there, but 1/2 the time I order from an online site, I am disappointed in the quality.


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