I thought I'd share some pictures of our house, but also Alyssa at Crazy Busy had a photo challenge. It had to do with "panning" a photograph. The subject would be focused while the background blurred. I haven't had time to try this but today took my youngest out to run back and forth across the lawn. We tried it a few times and then quit because of the rain. They turned out okay for my first time, but she wasn't quite as focused as I would have liked, or else part of her was in focus but the rest wasn't. I'm going to try again later with something else. It's a fun challenge to figure out how to use the manual modes on my camera.

Look we are beginning to have interior doors. Whoo hoo! And you can sort of see our carpets. This is Eli! He's from Taylor-Made Cabinets and he's installing our cabinets. I love them. These ones are knotty alder. They will have a shaker style door. The others in the house are hickory (downstairs bath) and knotty alder (upstairs bath). He won't put the doors on until our counters are done because he doesn't want them to get banged up. Smart man! I hope to go up later today to take more pictures.

Carpet and wood in our room. The other carpet in the hall is covered with plastic right now so it's hard to see, but it's a berber.
We're getting closer. We need to get cabinets finished, stairs carpeted (should be today), counters done, hopefully next week, pick up our sinks and shower doors and install, finish installing interior doors, and do the trim. Whoo hoo! The trim will be the most time consuming and will be the one thing that holds us up.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. So happy your house is coming together. Esp that kitchen! I bet you can't wait ...

  2. Beautiful! I love your color choices too!

  3. Hey Kirstin!
    Great job on those! Your DD's face is in really good focus! Love her face in the second one! LOL! What a cutie! I'm so glad you joined in on the challenge! :)
    And btw, I love your color scheme in that room! Looks like you guys are moving right along! :)
    Love, Alyssa


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