More Decisions

Just when you think you've made all your decisions you realize you have more to make!
Monday morning hubby and I went to meet with the cabinet guy. Let me tell you, I'm loving our cabinet layouts. But he sent me home with 3 books to look at so I can choose cabinet hardware. Then we stopped at the carpet place and finalized some decision there, and she sent me home with laminate samples for the countertop in the utility/kitchen area. The other papers in the picture? Those are months worth of receipts that I am very far behind in recording on my computer and filing. Ugghhhh!!! CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY! I don't even like Calgon.
I was so happy though when I realized that the two huge sample thingies from the carpet place were identical, so I really only had to look at one.
We think we've set a move in date of November 11th...but don't hold me to that (C: We've had so many amazing people help us, especially a few in particular that I thought it would be fun to let them put their handprints in our patio/driveway when we pour it. 
I think these are the final decisions...countertops (oh, hubby also brought home some granite samples for the bathroom counters). We're in the process of staining the pine that we are using for trim. I say "we", I haven't touched one pine board yet, so I should say, a friend of ours, Lord bless him!
The last few days have been a little slow. I unwillingly got sick Tuesday night and was out of commission for the most part till this morning. I'm so glad to be feeling better. I now have a yummy chicken potpie in the oven that I cannot wait to eat!
AND....I keep forgetting to mention that I'm going to be in the Biggest Loser! Not ON the Biggest Loser, but IN. Our Pastor's wife and her daughter are hosting our own Biggest Loser at our church. Everyone puts in $100 and whoever loses the most  % of body fat wins the pot! Cool huh? I'd like to lose 40-50 pounds. We'll see. I really needed a boost for exercising and I think this will help. Plus some accountability to change a few habits that I want to change. I feel like we do well with eating healthier than we ever have, but know I need to change some of my own things to have more breakthrough. I'll keep you posted.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Hi Kirstin,

    I'm glad you're feeling better.

    I am *dying* to see your home all finished. How exciting it must be to see it all coming into shape. I'm sure I'd find the decision-making about finishes etc stressful too!




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