Menu Plan Monday

I look at all your menus and think "wow, these ladies are organized". You plan breakfast, lunch and dinner. I just say "what do you want?" to my kids for the first two and sometimes it ends up being whatever works for dinner. But at the moment, that's how it works at our house since we are in between houses right now and some nights there's just no time for dinner. It's a "whatever" night. But I will still have some ideas of what I'd like to make. So here it goes:
Nachos on homemade wheat chips (take wheat tortillas, cut them in triangles, spray with cooking spray and cook till crunchy) Salmon with veggies and rice Stirfry (two times) Turkey Burgers on homemade buns If I have some elk stew meat, I'll make some elk stew
I think that'll do it. Hubby and I leave next week for 3 days for a conference so I'll leave some goodies for the girls and their sitter to cook up. I cannot wait to be in my own kitchen and have more fun with our menu and baking and cooking. I hope to incorporate more "breakfast" type things, like muffins,'ll be fun to have my own space again where I feel "at home" in the kitchen. I think my love for cooking and baking will be re-kindled.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Kristin, I'm loving your blog. I am very impressed with the multigrain sandwich bread. Praying for you to find your fifty dollars!
    Also, thank you for your encouraging words on my blog. Your heart is appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Your menu looks great.
    I don't plan out breakfast or lunch either - my family might like it if I did but I just don't have the time.

    Enjoy your time away and hope you get into your own home soon.



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