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I wasn't quite sure what to title this post because there were more than one thing I wanted to cover. But a life update is a good one I suppose. I finally got around to catching up on my long list of blogs I enjoy. I know there are more I'd love to add, but not right now. Everyone is still asleep, I have my cup of coffee and it's nice! Have I mentioned at all that I love the fall? Well, I do and it is getting in full swing here in the NW. I try to take my camera everywhere because the leaves are just so dynamic. I'll post some pictures later. This picture is of the road leading down from our house. It is beautiful and sometimes because I drive up and down it so often I forget how pretty it is. Yesterday while driving to Nan's soccer game I saw so many beautiful "shots" but couldn't stop. I may go back to take pictures another day! I'm in awe of all that God created. A few weeks ago I really felt the Lord tell me that he loves how I love his creation. Soccer has been rough for the girls. They're both still losing but not by as much...that's a good thing. And their teams are playing better. Next year Kat will play for another team since her coaches daughter will be entering high school and Kat has one more year. They are learning that sometimes losing happens...honestly though, I think everyone would like to see a win. I had two neat blessings this week. My power cord for my laptop died and a new one was going to cost me a whopping $80 (it's an apple). I didn't have $80 so resigned myself to waiting till I could save up. So long hair color (gray could be stylish right), so long hair cut (I'll just keep wearing it up). Well I had been browsing on ebay looking for a better deal but almost all the new ones were coming out of China..I wasn't sure that was a good idea and who knows how long I would have had to wait. Then my inlaws gave us $40 for our anniversary. So hubby said just find one, even for $60 and we could find another $20 somewhere. I looked and looked and found one for $39.99. I researched the seller, the product (it was an apple, but an OEM-Original Equipment Manufacturer), which meant apple makes it but it's not prettily packaged and maybe a shorter warranty. Fine with me...I did my research and purchased it, not having to use any of my own money. I ordered it Thursday of last week and I got it yesterday. Yippee. I can now use my laptop. The other blessing was from the soccer team moms. About a month ago one mom organized sweatshirts for the girls and jackets for the parents if people wanted to purchase them. We got one for Nan but held back on jackets because I just didn't have the extra money. Well yesterday the moms gave me a jacket that they went in on and purchased (it says Lewis River Soccer Mom). How sweet was that? Our house is so close to being done. I can taste it. Yesterday hubby and a friend worked till midnight on countertops. I took a few pics but think I'll wait to post them till tonight when I can take some more. I love how everything is turning out. Hubby also put all our exterior handles on the doors. He'll put our hand rail up for the stairs soon. Then he'll call for a final inspection and we'll continue to finish. The trim, shower doors and two bathroom sinks will be all that's left. It should be 3-4 weeks and we can be in there. I know I've said that before and I'm not really holding my breath, but it's looking up! This afternoon I'm taking the girls to a corn maze in Portland. They are excited. I will definitely (for the life of me, I never spell that word right) bring camera along for great pics. Then it will be home to plan school for the week. I'm taking the girls shopping tomorrow for some much needed items. And I've also mis-placed $50. Please pray I find it. I just don't know where I put it. Next Monday through Thursday, hubby and I along with our pastors and another couple are flying to Redding, Ca for a Leadership Advance conference. I'm so excited. But it came up so fast. A friend of ours will come and stay with the girls. I have a few projects I have to do for the church...a bulletin and also a brochure. I'm also trying to learn some more web stuff so I can do more on our website. I've had a hard time finding time to exercise on my own. For one, I don't like to, and two there are so many things to do. Monday I'm going to start going back to the gym early in the morning. I'll do that on Mondays and Friday mornings since I don't babysit. Maybe that will help. Life is full and busy, but good. There are days I want to pull my hair out or someones hair out, but it's not worth it. I'm reminded of how much God loves me and loves everyone around me! One of the young men in our church wrote a worship song and part of the chorus says:
All around, the earth is hearing, the sounds of the kingdom. All around the earth is seeing, the King and his Kingdom.

I want the earth around me to always see and hear the kingdom in and through my life, because I'm royalty! And so are they, many just don't know it!

Have a great weekend.

With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. have fun today :) i love fall's different here in AZ. i like fall, back in the mid-west. today will be in the 90's. very strange. i'd like to head up north to see the fall leaves changing. have a wonderful and blessed week.

  2. Yes, arent we just having a gorgeous day!?

    Cant wait to see finished move in pics of your house!

  3. Lovely site you have! Gorgeous photos. I love fall, too, although I have to say there isn't a season that isn't special in my book! My mother is a non-stop gardener and now lives in our guest house (at age 83), which is such a special treat for us. Gives me a lot to blog about, because she's a kick in the pants!

  4. Take time to enjoy your Autumn. You have so much going on I'd hate for you to be burned out before you can get into your new home! I'm looking forward to seeing all of you pictures....the autumn views and your home as well.

    Have a great week,

  5. Fall is great isn't it.. sounds like you are really busy.

  6. Well Mrs. Jones...if I reach burnout then I'll just lock myself in my "new" bedroom and sleep the time away till I recuperate (C: LOL!

  7. I love it when God blesses us like that...isn't He amazing? I tend to stress over things, but when I just turn them over to Him, He usually takes care of it in a way I didn't see coming. Amazing!


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