Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

This has been a busy weekend of decision making. Friday, hubby and I went to a plumbing store in Tigard, Oregon because they were having a huge sale...I do not know how many hours we were there. It felt like forever. And before that it was to the carpet store. I think I would have been fine, but I forgot to eat before we left and I was so hungry I was scrounging around the car for a quarter. How sad is that? But it was nice to get out and go look at things with my hubby. Usually when he's able to go I'm babysitting so it just doesn't work out.
While there we purchased 2 bathroom sinks, 1 kitchen sink, 2 shower doors and a kitchen faucet and soap dispenser. Phew! It was so hard to make decisions. We decided to go with a simple round sink for the downstairs bathroom because it's smaller. It's a little nicer than the average sink, but not expensive and we got it on sale.
This is the sink we chose for the girls room. Sorry the picture isn't large and it's taking up so much space. I have always loved this shape of sink and think I'll do this in my master bedroom. We did choose to go with an ice gray color. Their bathroom floor has some black pieces in it and we'll do a darker counter top and I think this will offset it really nice. I'll take a better picture when we get the sink. It had to be ordered. This is my kitchen sink...when we unpack it, I'll take a better picture. I just wanted to give you ideas. It is by Elkay and it is made of e-granite. I fell in love with it when I saw it. I liked the black one, but went for this bisque color (with flecks). It is supposed to be super easy to care for, doesn't scratch easy or stain easy so we'll see. Either way, I really like it. The sink bowls (or whatever they're called) are nice and deep. These are the two choices of our cabinets. The top is knotty alder and will be in our utility kitchen and the upstairs bath. They will be shaker style and a natural stain. The bottom is hickory which will be in our downstairs bathroom and eventually the second phase kitchen. Also a natural stain. I'm looking at a Tuscan bronze hardware. Cabinets should begin being installed by the middle to end of next week at the earliest. We've pretty much decided on our carpets. We're going with berber on the stairs, hallway and the girls room upstairs. We're going with a "Frize"...not sure if that's how it's spelled. It's a looser, twisted carpet (kind of like a shag, somewhat). We're doing the little cubby in the hallway upstairs and the platform in our bedroom in a hickory wood or a knotty maple. I can't remember. I really enjoy all these decisions, but they can get a bit overwhelming. On top of all that, the girls had soccer games on Saturday and it down poured. I'm sure it's this way everywhere, but here you play rain or shine. The only way a soccer game is canceled is if there is lightening. We have played on fields that were so drenched that the ball barely moved 2 feet. But they're both troopers and played on! I survived huddled beneath my giant Costco Golf umbrella. Those things are my lifesaver. I do not like the rain! I know, I know..I live in the NorthWest, but really I don't like being in the rain. Curled up drinking a cup of coffee and watching it come down outside, that's more my style. Not only did it downpour, but it was windy on top of that. With Joy UNquenchable,


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