Works for Me Wednesday: Home School Testing at Home and Using a laser level

It's Works for Me Wednesday over at Rocks in My Dryer. Head over there for more great tips.
My two simple tips for today are these:
1) I homeschool our girls but always would forget to sign them up for testing each year. I'd wait too long and then miss the deadline with our local homeschool group. Then someone pointed me to Family Learning Organization. There, I can purchase their tests (CAT), administer them at home, and send them in for testing. This has worked so great for us.
2) I have discovered the beauty of a laser level. I used while attempting to make straight stripes on my girls bathroom wall. You simply make a few marks, line up the level and make sure you have a straight line. We'll see how we did when we remove the tape later today. But I would love this for hanging photos or anything really. For someone who can't make anything straight this was a pretty cool tool. This particular one was only 14.99 at Home Depot. I'm asking for one in my stocking.
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  1. I've used the CAT too, and been very happy with it. I didn't know how CJ would do in a test setting with lots of people, so that's what we used. When we decided to put him in school for the 4th grade, the results from the CAT were sufficient and they didn't make him take the CRCT. I was relieved. However, at the end of his 5th grade year, he took the CRCT with his class and did just fine. So now I know I could have him tested with our group and he'd be fine. He's due to be tested this year, and I haven't actually decided which way I'll go, but it's nice to have options! I'll probably do the CAT again, because I think I want to test him mid-year so it will help us make decisions for the rest of the year and next year when he'll be starting high school. Yikes!

    I wish I had had a laser level a few years ago. I painted stripes in my living room, and it took me forever to measure and draw the lines with a small level and then still having to tape them off. I'm almost tired of the stripes now, but won't paint over them yet because of all the work that went into them!!!

  2. I will have to jot that link down because I always seem to miss the testing as well. Thanks for posting that!


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