Works for Me Wednesday: Day Planners

It's a backwards edition of Works for Me Wednesday where we ask a question and ask Readers for help. Head over to ROCKS IN MY DRYER and help someone out. There are alot of questions brewing. I wasn't sure if I'd post today but since I'm testing the girls I have a few minutes while they work on problems. I have two questions. #1) I am the type of person that really needs some sort of dayplanner. I just have to, otherwise I forget too much. I have my computer calendar which I could use, but that can't go with me in the car. Many planners out there are not geared for what I as a stay at home, homeschooling, soccer mom need. They are so often geared towards "out of the home working people". Any suggestions of what you use? I've made my own in the past, but really just haven't had the time lately to print, cut, hole punch. #2) I have two dressers I want to paint. They are both currently stained. Can I simply sand them down a bit to rough it up and paint over them? With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Answer for #1: I use Pam Socolow's Family Facts on-the-go planner. I found it at Barnes and Noble, but she also has a website. This planner is designed for the mom, plain and simple. You can keep up with church, sports, and your on personal activities. It is the size of a dayrunner and fits into my purse. LOVE IT and will buy refills for it at the end of the year.
    Question #2: After sanding your dressers, I would prime them just to make sure the paint you are adhering sticks. You don't want it to start peeling in a few months.

    Hope that this helps you out!

  2. I won a Busy Body Book last year. It's got 5 columns for each day and one week is all on a page. There are helpful little reminders sprinkled in like daylight savings time, etc and things like "start your spring cleaning," "Change batteries in your smoke detectors" Nifty reminders like that. Anyway, the website is I've learned to love mine!!

  3. Hee - I don't currently need a daytimer ... mine would just be filled with "work on house" :)

    About #2 - I agree, I would definitely prime it first before painting it. Also, I would ask at the paint store (or read the can) to make sure the primer is for oil-based stains (just in case).

    Hope that helps!

  4. I have a Palm Treo that I use for planning. My entire life is in there - I'd be lost without that.

    But, I also make daily to-do lists, listing things I want to accomplish. I use a small note book and just make the list in the morning. This is how I handle household chores, plus it helps me identify the things that I want to get done today, even if they aren't technically due until later.

  5. Oh, and I second that - prime the dressers. That way, when you're ready to paint them, you'll be doing it from a single, even surface. I think there's also a liquid sander spray product you could use, as well.

    Good luck!

  6. Be sure to take before pictures of your dressers! I'd love to see the before/after of them!

    The prep work is the most important part of the process. Sand, wipe dust, sand again, wipe the dust. Use the finest grit sandpaper as your last prep to get the smoothest finish on your dresser. Prime and then sand that and wipe up the dust. Then you will be ready to paint.

  7. No help her. I avoid planners just as I avoid sanding and painting. I just hate restoring old furniture. Id sooner pay the brand new prices.

  8. THanks ladies for all your tips. They were very helpful. I will hopefully be doing at least one dresser soon as it will be the girls' and it's pretty old (C:

    I would love to just by new furniture too, but it is not in the budget at this time. I need to win the lottery.

  9. Hi girl - no planner here. I just keep important appt's on the family calendar. No time for priming or staining either (sigh) ... but sounds like you are on a roll! :))
    First soccer games for the season for us this weekend. Three kids playing ...

  10. As far as planners go I LOVE, LOVE my "Mom on the go" planner by dayrunner. I have gotten the same style for the last 3 years.

  11. #1. I am SOOO forgetful and need to have things written down, but then I would be in the car and not have my planner, so nothing really worked. Until, my greatest purchase... my iPhone! It automatically syncs my computer calendar to my phone. So when I make a change on one computer or phone, they all automatically update. It's so amazing!! I use 2 computers and an iphone and they all automatically update every 15-30 minutes.

    #2. I'm lazy and would just sand and paint. Some might say to use a primer, but if there was no paint on them before, you probably won't have a problem. Good luck!!

  12. #1, I use google calendar, for all of my day planning, I can access it as long as I have the internet, and thanks to the iphone, that's a lot. I also use the igoogle task notebook plugin for writing down my daily goals... or just tasks I have to do sometime.

    #2, I'd totally primer it before doing the stain, I think there are some that do double duty, both a stain and primer. I'm lazy and would probably do that... if it exists.

  13. Check out the 'Go-Mom' calendar/planner at Target.
    It is spiral bound and about 5"x8", just the right size and weight to haul around. It's got everything a busy mom could want ... except for a pocket to store stuff.

  14. Hi, I love planners. I have a huge one I love, but my shoulder aches at night from carrying it in my purse! What does that tell you. I love making lists, having planners, using the computer calendar, post it notes at eye level!!! Anyhoo, I also wanted to tell you how many blogs I have been on where they skipped all the prep work and "SPRAY PAINTED" the chests of drawers. One gal even did her bathroom cabinets with glossy spray paint, it looked amazing. She used 20 cans. Don't think I would do that, but I wanted to pass the info along!
    Great blog!

  15. So funny you asked about the planner, because I have to buy a planner every year. I love being organized and refer to it often. I was trying to find a fun new one this year, so I have been on the lookout. No luck yet! THough I may look into ones people recommended.

  16. check out for a great planner. you can use one section for you & there's other color coded sections you can use for different members of your family. and it can fit in your purse or bag.


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