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The last several days have been crazy! I have started watching baby Ava for my mother in law in the mornings. I will do this three mornings a week, and then possibly for a few hours on Friday nights. She is attending a School of Ministry this year at our church. For now, the girls and I go to her house in the mornings. Once we're in our house, I'll watch her there. We're usually home by 1:00.  It's hard getting used to being gone from home in the mornings, and trying to finish up the house just makes it even crazier. 
While there, I've been trying to get the girls school organized. It's taking me forever (I'm out of practice with a baby). I'm almost done with Nan's first week schedule and hopefully will begin Kat's tonight. I'm so tired though, but it really needs to get done. We decided that since we're watching the baby in the mornings, we might as well just start school now. 
After watching baby, I've been going up to the property to paint. Things are really coming along, but I haven't taken any pictures. Hubby is working on the cedar shakes. They look great. A friend of ours is doing the tile floors in the upstairs bathroom and upstairs mechanical/utility room. I only have one more wall to paint in the living area...whoo hoo! Then just touch ups. We have a friend coming tonight or tomorrow to do the concrete floor in the downstairs bathroom. We're doing heated floors in those rooms and a friend also helped us with those. The only floor left after that is the utility/kitchen and we will decide soon if we want to do concrete or tile. 
I've also been playing "caterer/deliverer"....twice this week I've made dinner and wrapped it in foil and brought it up to hubby and our friend. They've been working at the property until 11:00 at night. Last night I made them hot drinks at the church. Oh, I cannot wait to be in that house.
Tomorrow I'll go up and finish painting and have the girls paint some more shakes.
Maybe by the end of the weekend I'll have some pictures posted. I've peeked in on several of my fave blogs, but not always having time to comment...please forgive me. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Your home is looking more and more beautiful by the day!! So fun! I am sure you love it :).

  2. Hey Kirstin!
    Thanks for always visiting and leaving nice comments! I have been wanting to write to you for awhile but have been busy. So in my book you are super woman! Man, babies are a lot of work...a lot my my friends are on their second....ummmmm seems pretty overwhelming to me!I am sure you will get used to having Ava! From what I have read you have been juggling things pretty gracefully! I am sure those girls are a lot of help too!
    Oh and my brother and sis in law are also Run of the River frequenters. We have not been, however we have their special mattress that they have in their rooms. You can order them special if you have stayed with them...my bro hooked us up!!! The house looks great! Chat with you later!

  3. Hi Kirstin!
    You've been BUSY BUSY BUSY! :) Shew!
    That will be so nice to get moved into that beautiful home of yours! It looks like it's almost ready!
    Love, Alyssa

  4. Wow - and I thought I was busy! Sheesh, how on earth do you still find time to blog? That's getting placed on the back burner a lot for me. Just not enough hours in the day. Sigh.
    The house is looking fantastic!


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