Soccer Saturday

So, while I can understand why looking at soccer pictures might bore some of you, I do have family who read my blog and I think they like to see pictures of my girls..I'm so terrible at mailing pics that I'd be lost without the digital world. As I said last week, this season will be tough for both girls. No wins yet, but they've both played hard! Kat has a friend who also plays soccer and we were going to be playing in a town just North of us where this friend lives. Kat sent her a text to see if she had a game the same day (but didn't hear back). We got to the field and the girls went to their side while I just sat and chatted with a friend who came with us...all of a sudden I look at the opposing team (who happened to be sitting near us) and who should walk up to them? Kats uniform...unbeknownst to them, they were going to be rivals that day! I quickly sent a text over to hubby and he told her (Kat). She and another friend from church ran over and the three girls are laughing and hugging each other. They got some strange looks from girls on both teams as these opposing players embraced and giggled. It was fun....even though we lost. We joked with her friends parents about who were we supposed to cheer for...we cheered for both teams. The weather was chilly and typical of fall in the NW. I however wasn't dressed for chilly and I about froze! Note to self..wear pants and a sweatshirt and bring blankets. Amazing how we can go from 90 to 60 so fast!
Kat is playing in a scrimmage tomorrow with another team. Should be fun. Hubby will take her. I'm not sure if I'll make it or not. She looks pretty intent here...not sure what she's thinking. She plays so hard. I'm so proud of her and her work and practice ethic. Here she is with her friend. I made them trade Jerseys. Actually, that's kind of gross isn't it. Trading sweaty jerseys? Oh, well, they're friends and they obviously didn't mind. Back in their own uniforms. (oh, Kats on the left for those who don't know) And then there's Nan...I didn't get any great pics of her during her game. I am trying to get pics of all the girls. I need to work on my action shots...okay, I need to just work on my shots. These were just cute. This is how she showed up to Kats game. That's our friend with her. We were in the car when she found some tape. She said she needed something to tape. I said "tape your mouth"...she did. I couldn't figure out why people were looking at her so weird until I realized she hadn't taken the tape off when we got out of the car. They probably thought we were punishing her. Just being Nan....funny and in her own world!
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. LOL.. love the tape picture.. being at some of my dd's games be it softball, basketball or volleyball.. I think there are alot of people who should come to the game with tape on there mouths LOL.

    Glad the girls both had a fun soccer weekend.

  2. Your Nan is quite the little entertainer! :) It's the children like her that bring such pleasure to motherhood!
    The soccer pics are great. Kat is a beautiful young lady. Keeping my fingers crossed for a win soon!
    Have a fabulous week,

  3. No need to apologize for the soccer pictures - great job, girls!
    The house looks great, too. I'll bet it is so exciting to be on the home stretch. Congrats!

  4. Yay for fun soccer. We actually had 3 games last weekend and won all 3 woo hoo! And Varsity game last night, too.

    Cute girls!


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