Soccer has started

Soccer started last weekend for both girls. Thankfully their games were at different times and far enough apart that we could be at each one. The next two games are that way as well, but the three after that are at the same time, different locations. I will probably go to Kat's games and hubby will go to Nans since he's the head coach, and only assists Kat's team. 
This season will be a tough one for both girls and their teams. They have both enjoyed winning seasons (undefeated) for several years. However this year, Kat's team has moved up to Select soccer which is simply the next level up from club soccer, which means more money and tougher teams. Nan has moved from a more laid back league to the league Kat is in, she's just not Select...yah, even I don't understand it all. But the teams she plays against will more than likely have been together for several years. This new club allows teams to stay together instead of forming new teams each year. They also put Nan's team in Division 1 which is the highest level. Yikes!
So, like I said, this will be a tough season for them. It will be a learning season, but they are both well coached and their teams will only get better. Even if they lose some or all of their games. Their coaches are encouraging and build them up instead of tear them down. They'll come out strong in the end. 
This wasn't during the game but later, Nan was reenacting what she did in the game. She sat on the ball. I thought "great way to keep possession".
They both played very well and we are always proud of how hard they work during their games. It was a fun day of playing and hanging out.
One of the moms on Nan's team works for starbucks and she showed up with two of the huge cartons of on the go coffee, and some boxes of scones and coffee cakes. Yummy! What a way to start the morning.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Looks like fun. Last year I put both the kids in basketball at the same time but of course on different teams. I'll never do that again. All I got done was running to practice and games and many times their games overlapped. What a mess I had!

    I sure could use a starbucks about now!

  2. Great pics, Kirstin! What cuties! :) That's a pretty park! (such nice, green grass!)
    Love, Alyssa


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