So close and yet so far

It seems that we are so close to being done with the house, and yet it seems so far. The exterior is completely finished..except for two portions of gutter that need to be replaced. The painters stepped on one part and we won't name names as to who ran into the other portion with a bobcat! The inside is the tedious "is it ever going to get done" part. We have been getting some bids for cabinets. We found someone we really like....but....he only takes cash or check and we don't have $7,000 cash to give him. We are doing some major praying for provision! When we got the loan for the building we didn't get it including everything it would take to finish it...because then we wouldn't be able to afford the payment. We got it for what we could afford the payment to be and have come up with the rest as we've gone. Soooo....cabinets weren't in the loan figuring. But God has been so amazing in that it's never been an issue thus far in the provision realm, and $7,000 to him is nothing! I think the tile is completely finished upstairs. I haven't taken pictures because I'm waiting for the guy to seal it. Concrete on the downstairs bathroom and utility/kitchen will be done next Monday. I hope to touch up paint this weekend. Soccer and the house and babysitting have been consuming me/us. The girls will start school soon. Probably next week. We have been having 10 days of worship at the church in the evenings. It has been amazing! Well off to get dressed, get the girls up and head to my inlaws to watch the baby. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. What a project. I am sure it is so hard to wait. I sure hope your cabinets come in to place real soon!

  2. good things consuming you though ... right?


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