Porches are done

They have finished our concrete around the house and it looks great...well it'll look really great once it's dry and the powder stuff (release agent) washes off. I thought I'd share some pictures anyway. So enjoy. We'll have quite a bit of touch up to do on the house from the concrete but that's okay.
First off, I had to share a picture of the chairs that Nan painted. Don't they look cute! She said today "I think I may need to put another coat on them". she's really into her job. 
I think I now understand why it is expensive to have your concrete stamped. It is a lot of hard work and it's really dirty. Hubby has been helping and yesterday he looked like he came home from a mine. 
The guy doing our concrete is a friend from college. He does a great job if there are any North Westerners who are within a 200 mile radius of Portland Oregon and need some work done.
The stamps are huge rubbery pieces of who knows what...maybe rubber. You lay it on the concrete and pound away. It's pretty amazing to watch. I missed all the staining part..oh, well.
He had this really nifty grape vine stamp, so between all the pillars on the back porch we did one of these.
Won't that look cool. You can't see the true color yet because the powdery stuff is still on there.
And of course nothing's complete without the family handprints. This is Nan.
This is Kat...I was noticing what beautiful hands she has and long fingers. 
I had another picture but it was taking too long to upload. 
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. How cool is that stamping in the concrete! I love it!
    And great job Nan did on those chairs!


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