Porch Pics

Finally I think I got a few decent pictures of the porches and sidewalk without shadows. I am happy with the results though we were hoping for a bit darker. 
Front porch
Front porch and sidewalk
side of garage
back porch
We are one step closer to being in the property. yah!
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. It looks lovely! I really like the grapevine - a touch of class.
    We are hopefully going to pour the bottom half of our walls TOMORROW!!! Lord willing! I'll definitely find time to post about it :)
    Have a great day!
    ps - loved your answers below, too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the grapevines. Reminds me of "new wine" (C:

    My hubby has been working hard to get this done!
    We do need to have the septic guys come out and check something....please pray its nothing.

  3. Wow Kirstin, everything is finally starting to really move for you guys! It looks so nice! The grapevine pattern is so unique and pretty. Very creative!
    Hope your week is going well,

  4. Outstanding! Looks so good.

    I love your blog layout, too. I notice things like that :) Pioneer Woman Cooks is a favorite of mine.

    If you haven't found this site, you will love it. The graphics are wonderful.

  5. What a beautiful house!!! That is so neat what you did in the cement too- I've never seen anything like it!
    Love, Alyssa


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