Okay! Okay! I just can't wait

Well, I thought I could wait. But I just can't! I want to show you our house painted. They still have a few touch ups and they haven't put the down spouts back on yet. I also wanted to wait till the concrete was done, but I can't do that either...that hasn't started yet. Sooooo....I'm giving you a peek now! Next week when concretes done I'll show you more. I have a few more things to say, so no peeking ahead of time! Don't even think of scrolling down. First off, I'm almost done with the girls bathroom. I think it's going to look great. Pictures coming hopefully tomorrow. I also feel like a total idiot. I went to a pampered chef party tonight and they gave out name tags which we stuck to our shirts. Well I just looked down and realized I still had mine on. No biggie really, except that I WENT TO THE STORE with it on! How embarrassing. Okay, anyways, on to the house...I'm giving you a very brief rundown from start to finish..though we're not finished. I'll do a slide show for that which should last a good couple of hours since it's only taken us two years to build....And I'm having a pampered chef party in November if anyone wants to order from me....hint hint!
We bought two acres with one acre of beautiful Christmas Trees....I know, all you don't live in the Northwest are dying because these perfectly amazing trees are going to be burned and you pay an arm and a leg for them. Too bad it wasn't Christmas time, I could have made some money. Foundation poured...don't know when...it's been so long. My girls look really young here...at least Kat does... Framing is underway! Roofing on.... Tyvek up and house plastic wrapped! Yes, it was...literally wrapped in heavy plastic.
Oooooh, the siding is done....
Our pumphouse painted....I'm teasing you...making you wait till the very end for the house. But this poor fella hasn't had paint on him for about 2 years. He deserves the first showing.We went with Sherwin Williams Gristmill and Softer Tan for the colors. I love them.
Okay.....Now for the house.....Garage side...I love the lights. When I figure out how to take pictures in the dusk with lights on I'll do it. Front of house. Only thing missing is the shakes which will go on next week, and the downspouts which will go on in the next few days. Back of the house....well, whaddya think? Want to come sit on my porch (after the concrete is poured) and have a cup of coffee? I'd love to have ya.
Next week I'll have the inside all painted and we'll begin prepping to stain the concrete floors in the garage/living area. Hubby will also start laying tile. We are putting heated flooring in the bathrooms (got a great deal at costco if anyone is looking).
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. HOW EXCITING!! I know you guys are getting anxious now! Love the color you have chosen.
    And yes, I am sad over the beautiful Chirstmas trees. They look huge!

    Looking forward to your next pictures :)

  2. The house looks really nice. But the trees..... you cut down trees. I know, I grew up in OR. I understand. But now I live in OK and I would love a few trees like that. :) Good work on the house.

  3. Can't wait to come up and sit on that porch! Love the color.


  4. It sure is looking fantastic! I know you have to be super excited! Heated floors in the bathroom - a dream of mine! Maybe one day - when I actually get the bathroom I want! LOL!

  5. How very, very exciting. It looks like a lovely and beautiful house. I bet your dying to make it "home".

  6. That's going to be so wonderful! Love the character with the little dormers and porch!

  7. Your house is looking great. Congrats!


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