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It is clear that fall has landed here in the Northwest. It came almost overnight. I'm welcoming it, yet I realize I desperately need some clothes. I would love to be one of those people who can shop seasonally, go to the mall and see something I like and actually buy it without thinking through "do I have the money somewhere for it". But as of today, that is not me. So at least for now, I will make do with what I have...which isn't much..unless our youth group decides that I'm in total need of a makeover and they send me to "What Not to Wear", where Clinton and what's her name will demolish any sense of style I remotely do not have! Actually I love that show, but I'd probably start crying as they threw away every black shirt I own and my only two pairs of jeans. 
I turn 40 in December and think it would be fun to have a makeover...at least my hair. I'm embracing it...not worried about it one bit. And I'm determined there will be no crisis for me! Why should there be. If God intended for me to be 20 forever I would be! 
My Kat turns 13 in November (helloo...I should be able to boycott turning 40 since my daughter will become a teenager the month before..). Anyways she told me the other day that for her birthday she wanted only money to buy clothes (uh oh! This is coming from a child who really up to this point has not cared about clothing). AND she made it clear that we weren't to buy her clothes, just give her money and she'd go buy them...hmmm I'm thinking she'll want to buy them without us, but maybe with some of the young adult girls from youth group. She also wants to get her ears pierced. But that'll have to wait till her soccer break. 
She is really coming out of her shell and discovering who she is outside of mom and dad. I'm proud of her, but it's strange watching her interact with others. She's only in 7th grade, but honestly seems much older (in a good sense), so she relates well with anyone. I'm watching her develop actual friendships with guys where before she didn't even talk to them. It's good and it's healthy. She knows that there is absolutely no point in boyfriends right now and she should just enjoy great friendships. It's fun to watch.
This morning is just a rambling morning, can you tell? I'm going to up to paint a wall today and maybe do some touch ups! Hubby brought home carpet samples to look at. Thankfully we almost all agree on the same styles and colors. We need to pretty much stay middle of the road dollar wise. Still haven't figured out what to do with cabinets yet. I will soon need to pick out a range for the kitchen and a microwave. I will also need to clean up my refrigerator so it looks nice in a new house (C: The girls have a dresser here to paint so hopefully I can get them to do that in the next week. Yes, it seems like we are so close and yet so far!
Hubby has worked hard on our house and I'm so proud of him. We tell him all the time Thank you and great job, but there's just something about hearing it from strangers that makes you feel great. Yesterday he had two builders stop by. They have been working on a house up the road and have driven by our place for awhile. They said they just had to stop and look around because they loved it. They raved about everything from the pine to the paint, the colors and the concrete. He felt pretty darn good. And he should. He has done an amazing job!
God is so amazingly good! I'm so thankful I'm His daughter and He's my daddy! For the last 8 days we've been having worship at our church in the evenings. We've called it "The Upper Room". It has been so awesome to just spend these evenings in the presence of our Daddy! Wow! And what's really cool is to see the kids just loving it. 
Well it's off to put some laundry in and get busy!
  With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I am really enjoying seeing what you are doing on your house and hearing about all the developments. You are so clever to be doing it all yourselves. There is no way we could build our own house.

    Em wants to get her ears pierced for her birthday too!



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