I'm taking your advice....The Next 4 Days

I chuckled at a comment that said I needed to take a breather...when? I thought. Well I guess I'm taking one now...for about 4 days. At least a breather from painting and working on the house. Yesterday they began pouring our concrete for the porches and sidewalks. After this morning we won't be able to get inside the house until next Tuesday. Of course the weekend is filled with other things, but that's okay. It's filled with soccer games, and BBQ's with friends. Those will be fun. We will be shopping for cabinets on Saturday, but that is fun too!. My family would like food so I'm going grocery shopping. So I am taking a breather and will resume my painting on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I only have one room to go (the garage) and then touch ups. Yippee! The concrete is going to look so neat. I'll post pictures when it's all done! Last night hubby and I went to the property to put some plastic up on the back side of the house to cover it from the concrete. It was getting dark and it was so amazingly cool to hear silence and the sound of crickets....and smell the horse from next door (ha, ha). We turned the porch lights on and it was just soooo neat. I cannot wait to be there. Yesterday we painted again all day. Kat helped me and did an amazing job, despite her mama getting frustrated with her a few times. I was using glaze and was paranoid I'd botch it and her "slowness" was bugging me. No excuse though. It turned out great. Nan painted another of my old outside "for looks" chairs. Now I have one yellow and one red. They are so cute. I have two other chairs that someone gave me. They are stained but looking very worn so I'm going to paint them. Haven't decided on the color yet. If we have some trim color left, I may use that. I think it'll be a nice contrast to the house and porch color. Have a great weekend. I'll check in when I have time and hopefully post some pictures from the soccer games. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Glad to hear your taking a bit of a breather. Make sure you get some sleep in there too girl!

    The house is looking great.

  2. Glad you're taking a breather :) The house is looking wonderful!


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