Hospitality on a "soccer" level

My Kat is amazing. Not only is she beautiful, but she is an amazingly compassionate person. And she is passionate about her relationship with the Lord. But she can also be a little insecure at times. She has played soccer for 8 years and loves it. Her coach is amazing. There is another coach who, a few times has asked her to be on his team and she has said no, she's staying with her current coach. Even more than soccer skill (which she has), she is loyal, hard working and honoring. She's a team player and this guy likes what he sees. Her coach is potentially not going to coach in the fall of 2009 and to make a long story short she's interested in trying out for the other coach's premier team. He invited her to come to some of their practices. She was so excited, initiated all the communication herself, and planned on going to practice today. Then last night she started getting nervous. She wasn't going to know anyone, what would she do? I think she worried all night (knowing her). She had a headache this morning, and wasn't feeling good. I'm sure she worked herself up...she's like me that way. I sent hubby a text awhile ago to see how she was doing and he said she was doing great (I knew she would). But the kicker was that a few girls really reached out to her. That, I'm sure, made all the difference in the world. She would have never wanted to go back had no one approached her. It's so important to teach our kids to reach out to others. To make new comers feel welcome and comfortable. Nan has two girls from a neighboring town on her soccer team. I've encouraged her to really reach out because these girls don't know anyone. There's no room for cliques in our children's lives. The young people that stand out to me the most are the ones that can be friends with anyone!
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  1. So so true.. My Princess can make friends anywhere she goes, she is always the 1st to go up and say hi to the new kids be it at church, school or on a sport team.. and she just welcomes that person into her life and intros them to all her friends.. my boys do the same(well as much as little Man can he is only 3) But my Sweet Pea my 6 year old.. she is a very friendly child, but she is so shy I fear that that shyness might come across as not being friendly.. She is the one what has to wait for the other kids to say hi before she talks and plays with them. I tell her she needs to be friendly 1st sometimes.. but I can't change the way God made her, once she knows you she warms up and she is a great friend.. but don't except her to speak to you on the 1st few meetings.. she went a whole year of preschool only talking if she was asked a question and it took her two weeks to speak to her teachers in kindergarten unless she was answering them..

  2. Having just moved to a new and strange city, we have been at the other end of 'reaching out' lately. and how very much we have appreciated anybody who has made an effort to welcome us. I am glad your girls are learning these skills:-)


  3. Well said and and great lesson to teach our children! Sounds like you have wonderful girls.

  4. A great lesson to learn for sure. I was the painfully shy kid growing up, so those who did reach out were like gold to me. I have outgrown some of that, though I actually do still have a shy side. I pray my kids will be the ones who reach out. I'm not seeing it yet for the most part though. CJ can get along with just about anyone, but he's not usually the one to speak first. Ruthi has a very outgoing personality, but is still shy as well. Except around kids her age - she has no problem there, so hopefully that will grow in her and she can be one of those!

    Both of your daughters are beautiful. You are doing a great job raising some incredible girls!

  5. Teaching your girls to avoid cliques and make friends with everyone is so important. It makes them stronger and sets the tone for a team/other group activity. Yay for Mom!


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