Girls Bathroom and Concrete Prep

Yesterday Nan and I spent most of the day at the property. Kat went with grandma to take baby Ava to the doctor (she is up to 6lbs. 14oz.). Everyone is very pleased with that. Nan had to finish her testing and when she was done we headed up to do some painting. I finished the second coat of paint on the girls stripes and then headed downstairs to begin a second coat on one garage wall. The garage is the last thing I need to paint. Whoopee! Hopefully by next week I'll be done. They're pouring concrete the next two days so after today I won't be able to get back into the house until Monday or Tuesday. That's okay, I have plenty to do. My list is long. I am very happy with how the girls bathroom turned out. The stripes looked straight, and if they were off, it's not enough to tell. Yeah! I even said to myself, "I would do this again." Notice the patch of paint on the floor. I stepped in the paint tray, flipped it up and spilled paint all over myself and the floor (thankfully very little on the walls. Peach is not my favorite color, but I really like this room. I think it will be fun to decorate. While I did all that, Nan learned to do this. The concrete guy, who's a friend of ours from college was there prepping for concrete and hubby showed Nan how to connect these re-bar together with a wire and a nifty tool.
She did almost all of them herself he said. She is a hard worker. After lunch we came back and she said "where's my neat little tool?" I said "your tool?", "Well", she said "it's actually Waynes tool but I'm using it today".
Then she got the job of spraying the gravel. Like the jeans. Her goal is to have every color of paint that is in our house, on her jeans.
So, we're getting there. So much to do both up there and down in town that I'm trying to keep it all straight, but I think I'm doing okay. We could be in within 6 weeks which would be great.
Still to be done:
*Put up Cedar Shakes
*Heated flooring laid in bathrooms.
*Tile purchased and laid in bathrooms and utility kitchen.
*Sinks and Cabinets bought and set.
*Toilets set in place
*Finish up painting and touch ups.
*Finish putting in all electrical fixtures
*Install Doors
*Get final inspection
Please be praying we are able to get this all accomplished in a speedy manner. Thankfully we've had some great help and amazing weather the last few weeks.
I decided that when I have my pampered chef party it would be fun to take pictures and post them, this way if anyone wants to order online you can come back and feel like you were there..I'll even set you aside a plate of goodies. My party is scheduled for December 1st.
You'll be able to go online and order and have items shipped directly to cool is that!
Last night the girls went with the youth group up to the lake. I was so excited to go and take pictures, but hubby needed my help. They had a blast though.
Someone came up yesterday and asked us what we were going to do once we were in the house. We looked at them and said "start the next phase and finish this one". It will be a never ending process. We are trying to plan a trip to Sunriver in November.
Okay, I really need to go clean my desk. Have a great weekend. We have soccer games and are going to go hunt for cabinets.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I have never udnertaken stripes. I am an awful painter even though I painted the entire 1400 sq ft of this upstairs. I never truly liked painting. I loved sponging though but even then sponge painting is not a precise painting like stripes. I would never trust myself to do that. It looks great. Things are really taking shape around there! How exciting!

  2. Your stripes turned out great! Peach? I thought it was yellow - but it's probably just my monitor. Either way, it looks great - nice and cheery!

    You are getting so close! How very exciting - I know you have to be getting so anxious to get in there!

    What a great worker you have there!

    You'll have to keep reminding about the PC party. There are a couple of things I really need, and hopefully I'll have the $ to order something!

  3. The bathroom looks great! How exciting for you. Have fun at soccer - we, too, have soccer on Saturday morning.
    We have one of those "thingy's", too. In fact, I will probably be using it today or tomorrow on rebar of my own. We cut rebar last night - one little step closer (always good!).

  4. ps - I sent you an award today - come and get it when you have a chance.

  5. Love the new header pix. And house pix and striped wall. Yay for PC party!


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