An Award

Shirley at Alabama Times gave me this award. Thanks Shirley...that was sweet. I love Shirley's site because like us, they are building a house on their own...Kudo's to them!!! It's always so fun getting to know people that you may never meet, but you are able to somehow connect with. Shirley says the words mean "Prize to personal effort". Shirley thank you! I think my hubby deserves this award...and the red carpet to go with it. As I type this at 10:00pm on Tuesday, he and a friend are up at our property laying tile and could very well be there till midnight! He is a trooper. So....along with this award I'm supposed to do 3 things: 1. Share 6 things I value 2. Share 6 things I don't support 3. Pass this on to 6 people. 6 things I value: 1. The intimate relationship I have with the Lord. 2. The freedom to worship 3. My family 4. Honesty 5. Loyalty 6. Friendships 6 Things I don't support: 1. Racism 2. abortion 3. dishonesty 4. critical attitudes 5. Just "believing" in God...even the demons "believe" in God...and look where they are. There's so much more! 6. People who ride my tail when I'm going the speed limit! I don't really have time tonight to pass this on, and let everyone if I don't get to it and you feel like you deserve this...then go for it. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Excellent post, so good to get to know you better and see all the good stuff you believe in!




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