Almost back to normal

I think we are almost back to normal at our house. After a weekend of the girls being sick I'm ready for normal...or am I? Okay, yes I am, though having them sleep almost all day Sunday was kind of nice...don't tell them I told you that though. My first sign that they were almost back to normal was that they wanted food..I felt like a maid. They still didn't feel great this morning but I think they just needed food in their empty tummy's. My second sign was that they started bickering. Yep, normal has returned. But now they are in the bathroom giving each other pedicures..more pictures to follow at a later time, but so far the above picture is what Nan's toes look like. A friend loaned me her foot spa and so first they are giving their feetsies a spa bath and then massaging with lotion, followed by polish. Yes, even though they bicker, they love each other. I was supposed to go grocery shopping this morning but at that time they still weren't quite ready to part with me. Hubby needed to return some concrete stamps that we had rented (we poured and stamped the concrete for our downstairs floors today, so he said he'd just grocery shop for me. He's done this before, but it still makes me nervous, though I know he'll do fine. He's only called me once. The first time he shopped for me I think he called me every 5 minutes. I just finished dinner. Simple, since I don't want anything too heavy for the girls. Seasoned chicken, mashed potatoes (made with baby dutch potatoes...yummy), and corn. Okay, off to do some laundry and get the girls school ready to start tomorrow. I'll post some pictures tomorrow of the painted garage/living area, and maybe of the concrete inside, though it won't look too pretty without stain or sealer on it. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I had to laugh at your hubby doing the grocery shopping and calling every 5 minutes ... ummm, that would be me ... in the reverse while at Lowe's or Home Depot! "OK, honey, I am at the next item on the list ..."
    Glad you are all feeling better!


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