Work Party Success

Well our work party yesterday was a success. I love these peeps and wish I could just keep them all. They are amazing workers and love to help each other out. They worked from 8:00-12:00 for most, and a few stayed till 3:00. It was awesome. It is so fun to lead a group of young people like these. We had about 10 or so people show up. The guys caulked and got all the high areas done. The gals painted, sanded and stained. They shaved a ton of time off for us. And we are forever grateful. This was the scene when I showed up around 8:40 with Nan...she needed to sleep till she was ready to wake up. This gal was the ringleader of the work party. She is married to our pastors son.
This handsome guy is the son to the gal above. Nan helped keep him entertained. She did great.
Look at these handsome caulking warriors. I'm so glad they were up there and not me!
Nan observing what they're doing.
Utility/kitchen painted....Check! And no I'm not an Oregon Duck fan...I just liked the colors together. I need to do touch ups.
Downstairs bath. It's dark, but I like the color and trim will be white. The wall to the right will have a partial faux finish about 2/3 up the wall. Hopefully I'll get that done tomorrow.
The girls spent the entire day in their room painting circles. I was so proud of Kat.
Bad shot, sorry. It's too dark. They still have to go back and put second coats on all the circles.
I loved the circle that went from the green to the yellow.
Their creativity amazed me! We purchased plastic lids from Ace Hardware and then used their small paint samples, the total (with my father in laws discount) was about $16 to do the circles. Not bad.
This area right above next to the window is where I think we'll put the desk I bought them.
My girls did not inherit my fear of heights. Thank you Lord!
These guys are willing to try anything. I know I've said it before but I love all these kids. I love pastoring them...I wouldn't mind if one of them married my daughters someday....don't tell anyone I said that though. But hey, it's the truth. There are alot of great young men in our church and the reality is that in as little as 7 years, my Kat could be ready to get married. Yikes. And I wouldn't mind any one of the young men in our youth group. They're awesome. But not till she's ready to get married!
Front porch. I love how the trim turned out.
Monday hubby will start the cedar shakes and siding the bump out above the porch.
Oh, here baby, play with the grasshopper....ewww.
Okay, let me just touch it!
We worked until about 3:30ish then went home showered and headed off to the circus. First we stopped at Panda Express and Booster Juice for food and a smoothie. The girls had a blast at the circus. I was sad because I was not allowed to bring my camera (no cameras with removable lenses were allowed...and I don't own a smaller one anymore.). It was certainly different then when I was growing up. So much technology and always going, going, going, moving, moving, moving. Apparently Ringling Brothers does three different circuses. The one we went to was called Over The Top. It's also a lot more "show" than it used to be. There were a few things I wished they had, but the girls knew no different since they had never been to one before. They had the globe with the motorcycles (they put 7 in there...way cool).
Some of the acrobat feats were amazing. The strength these people have is crazy.
Each girl came away with something. Kat bought a tote bag, and Nan bought a stuffed elephant with a baby. I think overall it was a success.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. My husband and I just finished flipping a house and the volunteers that came to help us was truly wonderful.

    I have been enjoying watching your progress - love the circles!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow. You're brave to let the kids paint their own room. They did a great job! I guess I'm too much of a control freak when it comes to art and design. I might let my kids paint their closet. Way in the back, then hide it with their clothes. There's something wrong with me... ha!

  3. Definitely looks like a successful day! I have to say, it must be so much fun in your house with all that color! And I thought I liked color. What fun! I really like the bathroom color - dark or not. Looks kind of elegant. The girls room turned out fantastic! I LOVE the circles! I want a room like that!!! (But I'd want it to be my scrapbook room!)

  4. your home is coming together! the girls look like they had fun painting :) i do like the bathroom color. it looks good against the white tub.....

    have a great reminder of the week.



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