The weekend ahead

Yesterday our temperatures rose to 101, which for our part of the Northwest (SW Washington), that is a rare occasion. The next few days are supposed to be 104 and 101 respectively. I think I'll spend lots of time inside. Though tomorrow I plan on going to the property and priming some more walls. I am feeling a bit better. At least I slept better last night then I have in a week. I have had a cough that seems to manifest itself especially at night, so I've spent the last week sleeping on an uncomfortable chair so I don't keep everyone awake, and so I can hopefully cough less because I'm in a sitting my neck is tweaked. Probably from that and coughing so hard. I'm heading to the chiropractor today. So on the agenda today is to get some things listed on eBay. I have quite a bit of the girls school stuff to list. All their Abeka books from last year. Hopefully they do well. That will take me quite some time. Then I'll do the chiropractor and then possibly go to town with my hubby, then to the church for our Friday night worship...can't wait. Kat spent the night at a friends last night, and Nan slept in our room...those girls do not like being apart. **NOTE: I got all 16 items listed on ebay. It seemed to take me forever. I use turbo lister, but it was giving me some problems. Finally got them resolved. Now I'm just praying everything sells for a good price. With Joy UNquenchable,


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