Very Quick Check in

I am checking in just briefly while at camp (typing on my laptop..whoo hoo! Which I am enjoying. I downloaded some programs for a 30 day trial...I do need to purchase a battery for it and several programs to really use it the way I want to, but I love it...but that's not what this is about)....
In the Reader's Digest version my hubby's youngest brother was married a few months ago and they just had a baby girl. For many reasons they are not capable at this point of caring for a baby properly. The baby is only a little over 4 lbs. My MIL has received custody of the baby and will more than likely be bringing her home tomorrow or Friday, which will mean that all of us (my MIL and FIL, hubby, girls and I) will be raising this little punkin for who knows how long. 
Please pray for strength, energy, favor, and provision for everyone involved. It will be a big adjustment and we will be scrambling to get several needed items for Ava (baby's name). As well as figuring out schedules (she'll stay at my inlaws since we don't have a suitable place for her ourselves at the add to those prayers the completion of our own home!) I will post pictures as soon as I can (as I'm sure I will take many). 
Oh, by the way, camp is going amazing! God is doing really cool stuff and it's awesome. I'll tell you more later. As well as a wild story that happened to our pastors wife.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. How sad that your BIL and his wife can't take care of Ava, but how wonderful that you and your in-laws can be involved. Ava is such a pretty name. I will be praying for you all.


  2. Hi Kirstin..I do feel so sad that the Baby's Parents cannot take care of unfortunate. I'm sure she will be surrounded with plenty of love and will not be lacking.

    Woohoo on your laptop...I'm asking Santa for one.

  3. You have my prayers for poor Ava, I'm glad camp is going well, I hope we get lots of pictures!


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