Up before the sun!

Doesn't this coffee look good. I need it right now.....because..... Isn't this a pretty sunrise? I don't know who took it. But I was up before it this morning. And not necessarily by choice. I have been wanting to get up early but because I haven't been going to bed until really late that hasn't happened. Until this morning. Let me give you a little history....the lady we live with as two cats. They are indoor cats. One of them desperately wants to escape. In the two years we've lived here, we've only managed to accidentally let them out 3 times. That's not too bad, though it does cause her to worry. She's a widow and those two are her life. The girls are always told to "shut the doors" so the cats don't get out. Last night we came home from youth group to find that the door was ajar. UH OH! We walked in and hubby said to her, "did you know your front door is open? You may want to see if the cats are in". We asked if she had went anywhere and she said no, but Kat (our oldest) and her friend had come home to get something before leaving again (they were going to a sleepover and probably forgot something). UH OH! Not only was the door open, but it was my daughters fault...gulp. Sure enough the cat who wants to escape all the time....did! This is 10:15 at night. She goes into a calm panic and searches and searches and calls and calls for the kitty with no luck. I don't try to help because the cat doesn't like me, except for food! We all finally went to bed around midnight (me feeling bad because once again it was one of my brood who let the darn thing out). This morning outside our window (which is by the front porch) I heard cats yelling at each other. Scared me half to death! Hubby says "I think it's Tweety...hurry go look!"...so hello, he's on the side of the bed closest to the door, why am I getting up...oh, yah..he hates cats. So here I am trying to get out of the covers while he's trying to pull me out of the bed. I'm trying not to land on him and Nan who happens to be sleeping on our floor since sis is gone at a sleepover. Keep in mind the room we sleep in only has about 2 feet max around the bed for walking space total! It was hilarious. I probably scared the stupid cats with all the raucous. I open the front door and stand behind it (because the cat hates me) but no luck. I look at the clock and it says 5:15. I figure...well I've been wanting to get up early, guess I'll stay up now. The lady we live with got up and eventually the cat came in. I'm up still with my coffee, but feel like I need something stronger. Maybe that's what I needed to kick start my early rising. Today is another day of soccer, and house painting. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll post pictures of the utility/kitchen. I'm loving the green color I painted. Today I'll do a second coat of that and do the yellow. Hubby is closer to finishing the siding. Whoo hoo! We'll need to get some stone since one whole section is all stone. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Well at least its a feline and not a human that hates you.lol

  2. LOL I agree with mrs. darling LOL

  3. Too funny! I can only imagine how much sleep you actually got worrying about that cat! The other night, our less bright dog was still out and about after dark and I couldn't sleep. Finally, I heard her tags on her collar and let her in. The neighbors tell us that there are coyotes around and our dogs are not exactly street smart.
    Also a big congrats on your blog award - very cool.


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