Thoughts and Decisions:Updated Monday the 18th

I've been doing some thinking in regards to getting started with school and the fact that we are pushing to get our house done by October 1st. Today I came to the decision that we will not start school till October. We will test the first week of September, but then wait till the first of October to actually start. We won't be taking as much time off as we have in past years and we'll just make sure we get it all done. I think it will too stressful to try and complete the house, plan school days, help with lessons, etc.... It's pointless for me to be at the property and the girls elsewhere doing school because I get endless phone calls for help. And the house really must get finished. I will give them little things to work on and stay up and review, but nothing structured. We'll do more home ec type things and incorporate math into those. I'll also have them do some reading and writing. We've been going on walks and taking bike rides on evenings when we're home and it's nice out. That has been fun. Often evenings are full for us, but we've had a few where there's nothing going on and a bike ride is nice. Tomorrow I'll go up and put some primer on my utility/kitchen walls so I can paint them. The colors I'm using are called "ultradeep" and so they need a more of a gray primer on the walls. Then I'll paint those starting Wednesday. The girls will start their room on Tuesday. We'll also pick some blackberries to have for cobblers and pies. The weather has been between 99-103 the past week and is just now starting to cool down. Early Sunday morning we had a thunder and lightening storm. If I wasn't so knocked out with Nyquil I would have gotten up and taken pictures. But it was 2:00 in the morning and while I heard and saw it, I wasn't moving. It's looking a bit stormy today, so the blackberries may have to wait. Today hubby and I went to Home Depot and Lowes to price outlets and switches and cabinets. We found the outlets and switches we want. As for cabintes, we're just looking at putting something inexpensive in for now until we can get what we really want. Anyways, just a quick update. Sorry it's not more exciting. Maybe tomorrow (C: With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Sounds like a wise decision on the schooling. That's one of the great things about homeschooling - the flexibility.


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