School Is Ordered

I managed to get all the girls' school ordered yesterday. I finished at midnight. Even though we are not starting until October I wanted to have it ordered and here so that they could work on things if they wanted to. I can't wait to open boxes of books. I'm sure I'm more excited then they are. They didn't exactly jump for joy when I told them. We'll go buy school supplies when all my ebay funds come through. Here is the final Curriculum list: Kat: 7th Grade * Math: Teaching Textbooks grade 7 this has workbooks and a CD-ROM with a "teacher". I think this will help her greatly...and me. *Vocabulary: Vocabulary Development through Dictionary Skills *Spelling: Instant Spelling Words for Writing *Reading Comprehension: Reading Detective on CD-Rom *Language: Writing and Grammar from BJU *Writing: Jumpstarters for writing and then our own writing assignments *History: Abeka History of the world. I also ordered the Nation Notebook so she can do a report on another country *Geography: Abeka World Atlas and Geography Studies: Eastern Hemisphere I'm also trying to find something where she plans a road trip. I found a great one through Microsoft, but you have to use one of their programs which is $299..I don't think so! *Science: Abeka Order and Reality *Health: Abeka A Healthier You, and we'll study other things on our own Nan: 4th Grade * Math: Abeka Math & grocery cart math (I'll probably use the latter for both girls) * Language: Writing and Grammar BJU grade 4 *Spelling: ACSI Spelling grade 4 *Reading Comprehension: Skill Builders Reading his is a great book. She loved it last year. *Handwriting: A Reason For Handwriting *History: Abeka History of our United States and State Notebook *Health: Abeka Developing Good Health *Science: Abeka Understanding God's World *Geography: Abeka Geography and also Map Skills workbook the map skills book deals more with directions, streets, etc.. *Writing: same book as Kat *Vocabulary: probably only what is in her spelling book. I think that covers it! We're trying a few new things this year so we'll see how they work out. I really try to let them look through things and tell me if they think they'll like them or not. We'll try some notebooking and lapbooking and just do some fun stuff. They'll continue to do "home-ec" type things. I may have them learn to make some aprons with my MIL or even curtains for their rooms. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Sounds like you have it all figured out! We started back on Monday, and there are still a few things I don't have. I ordered History and the tests I need for English last night. I still need tests for Science and Math - both from BJU, but they don't take the credit card I need to use, so I have to figure that out still! I hope I get that stuff soon, because he's supposed to have a math test on Friday! LOL!

  2. Good for you! We started school at the beginning of August (public school starts then, too). Last year was our first year home schooling, and I just did the basics since I had 1st and K to worry about. This year, I feel a little more prepared, but it sounds like you are a pro! Have you homeschooled the whole way through?


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