Our Bedroom Painted

Well I got around to painting our room yesterday and today. It is so hard to share pictures when the room is not finished (as in carpet, trim, window coverings). So you will have to visualize with me.
We did the same faux finish that I used downstairs but with Sherwin Williams "macadamia" as the base, and their "crabby apple" as the top coat mixed with glaze. My only error (though it all worked fine), was that I think I mixed too much glaze with the paint and it was quite runny. But I had to make it work as I didn't have anymore red. I was happy with the result. The green we used was Sherwin Williams "Parakeet". A little brighter than I thought, but I still like it. The wall you're looking at (red) will someday have a flat screen TV. This room will be our Media room eventually. For now it's our bedroom. This angle is from up on the platform. We built it so that eventually we could put seats up there and then some down a bit lower (kind of like a movie theater). We may possibly paint the slanted areas of the ceiling the macadamia, just to warm it up a bit more.
Facing the window! I'm planning on using white, reds, yellows, and whatever colors go with these. I think it'll be really neat looking.
My room is very hard to take pictures of. There is not one angle where I can really get the entire room in the frame.
Tomorrow the girls will be painting their room and I'll start putting primer on the utility/kitchen walls and then next week paint that room. It's getting there! Whoo hoo!
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. That room is so amazing, it just screams "LIVE" with those colors. Great job, and you're impressive with that brush, it would have taken me a week to boast less progress.

  2. I had help with the painting. My hubby is an excellent painter and when I got the job of painting the new house I was quite nervous. I did inform him we need to buy more ceiling paint for touch ups.

    The finish was easy. I had a base coat, and mixed the top color with glaze, rolled it on and then placed plastic sheeting over the top smoothing it with my hands. THen peel it away and it leaves the marks seen on the wall. You can remove more or less depending on the pressure you put on the plastic.

  3. My house is all red and yellow so of course i love these pics! Good job!


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