One More Post...Tie Dying

Kat and her friends did a dance at our youth camp. The camp theme this year was "Living Colour". They decided they would tie dye t-shirts. I have never tie-dyed anything and so my role was simply to take them all shopping. Which was a blast by the way. These are such great kids and we had loads of fun.
We found dye packets at Walmart and bought enough along with salt and a bunch of men's t-shirts. Then I let them loose in the garage, going out only occasionally to take a picture and see how progress was going. Sometimes it's best for me to just step out of the way and let them go for it. Getting everything ready. A few of the kids have done this before so they sorta knew what they were doing. It was fun to peek in and see them having fun. I think I made them quesadillas when they were done to snack on....or something.
Nan even got to help. There were two dance members absent so she got to make one's shirt. She thought that was awesome.
It's amazing how they make this work!
The final results. Then I got the job of washing all the shirts after they rinsed them. Kat was paranoid they would bleed so I had to do them individually. I think I was up till 11:00 that night.
This is a horrible picture. I'll post a better one when I get one. But you can kind of see the results. They turned out awesome! So did their dance. I'm working on putting it on you tube. Then I'll post it.
I haven't forgotten to post pictures of camp. I just haven't gotten them all yet.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Wow... that looks super fun! I remember doing things like that as a kid and I'm happy to see the craft still happening today! Mind you, I'm not that old but still old enough! But the thing is, I actually used those shirts as everyday clothes because it was the "in" thing back then! LOL

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!

  2. I'm glad tie dye is coming back, such an easy way to dress the kids for success. I love the pictures you took of the experience. My only trouble is that we tend to wash out the dye, maybe I need better dye.


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