More Painting Pics and an easy painting technique

My pastors are extremely creative people. Their house and yard are amazing because of that creativity and their "know-how"! I asked my pastors wife for help painting our downstairs hall because I had liked how she did some of the walls in her house. She readily fact they've helped us quite a bit. They had the idea to make an archway and an open pantry in the utility room instead of a dinky pantry with a door. I love the archway. The cool thing about the technique we used was that it hides blemishes on the wall really well. We left our walls flat instead of adding texture. The sheetrockers did a great job and honestly we just didn't have the time to texture..PLUS, many faux techniques require a flat wall to work properly (we found that out the hard way in our last house). Yet, the sheetrockers did not finish the walls with "flat" in mind. They thought we were texturing, otherwise they would have done about $800 more worth of work to make them flawless. Okay, so the first pic is the "before". I used beeswax which is a nice yellow. I actually like it this way, and could have been happy with that. But I really wanted a tuscan look...especially with the arch.

Before...Nice, flat, bright yellow! After! I used "Ceremonial Gold" from Sherwin Williams. Mix 1 part paint with 4 parts glaze. Cut in your corners, and then roll on a section at a time. You can do a fairly good size section. We maybe did a 3' x 6' section. Anyways, buy some plastic sheets (the cheap ones you buy in the home improvement stores...we bought a package of them). Cut them to a size you want. Then lay the plastic onto the wet paint and run your hand all over it, making sure you cover all spots. (This removes paint when you peel it off, so the more you rub, the more paint is removed). Peel off the plastic. If you notice you missed spots or you need to blend a little more just take the plastic, roll it up a bit and dab the wall. The result...can you see the variation and lines. I love it.

Another look from the utility room out...don't be afraid of variation, it gives it character. It doesn't have to all look the same. There were a few spots on this wall that were quite a bit darker, but they are in spots that are closer to the floor or will be mostly covered by door and window trim.
I plan to add pictures with reds, yellows, whites and greens in them. Or a few black and whites!
Our upstairs cubby. This will probably house a little reading chair or desk. The color is Rustic City by Sherwin Williams. I love it. I wanted to do the entire upstairs hall this color, but it is an "ultra deep" color and needed to be with their upper line and that would have been a lot of money, so I opted for this room instead. I actually knocked over the entire gallon of paint before we started and so my pastors wife and I scooped it up entirely with our hands. Oh, I wish someone had a camera at that moment. We saved the whole gallon though.
No more painting for us till after our youth camp. Then I'll share more colors. It's coming along. Thank you for all your prayers for provision and the ability to finish it. We could use some construction angels about now (C:
Window trim and some siding. I love it more and more every time I'm there.
If I don't get around to posting anymore this weekend, we will be gone next week at our youth camp and thus there won't be time to blog. I'll see you when I get back.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. i love the arch and colors :) it's beautiful. when do you think you'll move in?

    have a great weekend :)


  2. It's looking great! I know it feels good to be this far along, but I'm sure you will be glad when it's all behind you!

    Hope you have a fabulous week. "See" you when you get back!

  3. The painting looks great! Best wishes as you're building projects continue. Thank you for visiting our site last week. We hope you have a great weekend!


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