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First off, before I get to what I couldn't wait to do, I wanted to show you what I found today at a garage sale across the street. I've done so good not going to garage sales because I really have nowhere to put anything. But today as Nan and I left to go to the property a few items across the street caught my eye. I turned around and went back. First I found these really neat shaped serving bowls. $4 for 3 of them. I caved in and got them. I am, after all moving into my new house in a few months. I'll need these to entertain right? But then something else caught my eye...actually it was the something else that initially caught my eye. It was a little desk that I thought would be really cute in the girls' room. So I made a few phone calls, and decided if it was there when I came back I'd get it. No sooner had I driven away I got a text from Kat saying she liked it (I sent her a picture). So I drove around the block and bought it. Isn't it cute. It will fit perfectly in their room, is very solid and they can either stain it or paint it. What do you think? What color paint? What color stain? Or would you leave it?
Now, onto what I couldn't wait to show you......
I had hoped to go up and finish painting the utility/kitchen today, but did some other things instead in order to get ready for our work party tomorrow. One of our youth leaders planned a work party for my hubby's birthday which is Sunday. But I really wanted to show you the first color. It's Gecko from Sherwin Williams and I love it. The other color which will be put on tomorrow is Quilt Gold.
Tomorrow evening we are taking our girls to the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus. We can't wait. I haven't gone in years, and our girls have never gone. But first we must work on the house. Looking out into the hallway.
Door that will go out to the front porch. The siding is almost done. Hubby will be done today so that the guys coming to the work party will caulk. We won't do stone right away, we'll put something else up there temporarily. I love this house. Oh, by the way...see the orange ladder? Nan climbed to the top today. She said "well, I would have climbed higher but it was underneath the ledge and I couldn't get to the top step. I would have climbed on the roof if I could". Oh, boy....she did not get that from me. I won't even climb to the first peak.
Well, there you have it. We're getting there. I'm sure I'll take lots of pictures tomorrow at the work party. I love our young people. They are amazing!
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. I love the desk. I would definitly choose stain.And wow what bright colors. No one will ever get depressed at your house! LOl

    And to think we almost went to the circus but decided on the state fair instead. Of course, its not like I would have picked you out in that crowd! :)

  2. Good finds at the yard sale - I like the light color of the wood. I would probably just put clear poly-urethane on it to protect the wood and leave the color. But that is just me :)
    Love the house - it looks great! Good job picking color, color, color! Love it. In our last house, we had color, but all in the natural family. We'll see about this house ;)
    Have a wonderful work day!

  3. No, no one will ever get depressed here. In our old house I had all neutral colors. I just felt like doing something totally different in this house.

  4. Okay, I'll confuse you more. I would paint the desk. So now you have three different opinions. ha!

    I don't know the theme or colors of your girl's rooms. But, I love color and painting things. You could do polka dots on the drawers and back of the chair. There are all kinds of ideas online. My son has a side table that is stained on top and painted sage green on the rest. He has a camping themed room.

    Have fun with your house. I bet it will be great!!

  5. Oh I love the desk, it would be perfect in my daughter's room. And the bowls would go great in my kitchen LOL

    Great finds and I love that green color :)

  6. So beautiful!

    I love garage sales too and you found some great items! Love the desk. Not sure which color as I don't know what paint for the room but it's so cute and perfect for school.

  7. What fabulous finds! I like those bowls. And that desk is adorable. If it were me, I would totally paint it to match their room. I would paint it the opposite color than the wall is on. Make sense? If you place it on a green wall, paint it yellow or vise versa. And some cirlces would look really cute on it too! You could stain it, but I think that would be boring. And your house is anything but boring!


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