Homeschool Curriculum Decision!

Well, I think I've done it. I think I actually made a decision regarding our curriculum for this next year. Everyone seems happy with it and now I just have to order it all. I am hoping to make a trip into the homeschool bookstore next week to just check out a few things. The nice thing about websites is that often you can view their sample pages. I always let the girls look at them as well because, after all, they're the ones doing the work! And what might look fun to me might not attract their attention at all. I had thought of letting Kat take some electives at the local middle school, but she really has no desire to do so. I may ask again. We'll see. I decided I'd include this in the Friday's Heart of the Matter Meme because it does include our favorite curriculum and books. Otherwise I wouldn't be using them, right? Last year we really liked the reading skill sharpeners. And we have always enjoyed using Abeka's curriculum. I know maybe I should branch out a bit, but it's worked for us. We have also really enjoyed A Reason for...HandWriting. Below is the plan for this years curriculum. Kats Curriculum: Math: Teaching Textbooks Language: BJU Writing and Grammar (this looked interesting to both of us) History: Abeka History of the World (we will use this but veer off if something really interests us.) Geography: World of Geography as well as Abekas Geography. Kat likes maps. Science: Abeka Order and Reality (we'll do the same as with history, and I'm going to try to do more experiments and projects, and nature type field trips) Health: Abeka A Healthier You (same as with science and history) Spelling and Vocabulary: Instant Spelling, Vocabulary development through dictionary skills and Vocabulary jumpstarters. Reading: Reading Detective on CD-ROM for comprehension, then reading other books for reports. Creative Writing: Not sure on this one yet. I have a book we never used last year that I may use. Nan's Curriculum: Math: Abeka and Grocery Cart Math Language: BJU English grade 4 History/Geography: Abeka History of our United States My State Notebook Possibly one other map study book (we used one last year that we really liked) Science and Health: Abeka Spelling: BJU grade 4 Reading: Skill Sharpeners for comprehension and then reading other books for reports Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting So there it is! I have some things that I need to sell on ebay. Hopefully I'll get those on there this next week. Oh, you hear that? Didn't think's silence..the house is empty. Hubby is at the property working. Kat, Nan and Kats friend just left to go on a bike ride. I have been fighting a stupid cough and congestion. So I'm barely sleeping at night and am prone to fits of coughing. I have a headache and neck ache from coughing so hard. I'm downing the nyquil at night and sucking on cough drops while sleeping (or attempting to) in a chair. I'm so tired it's not even funny. So a quiet house is just what I need. Think I'll go turn some worship music and enjoy the solitude. After I turn off Little House on the Prairie which one of my daughters has once again left on when leaving the house. *UPDATE: Everyone's home and we had to run much for quiet...oh, well. I did get pictures of all the items I need to post on ebay and I think I will get started on that using their Turbolister. I may even find time to post on camp..,.....NOTE: didn't happen, maybe later. Everyones home and now we're babysitting an amazing little 6 month old....who is now sleeping on my bed. With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you get better quick and hope you get some good rest!

    We've used BJU for Writiing/Grammar (as well as most other subjects) for the past couple of years and liked it very much. I was planning to use it again this year, but due to an incredible blessing, I'll be using different stuff this year. A friend of mine just finished 8th grade with one child and won't need the stuff again until next year for another 8th grader. So it wasn't being used this year! We will be using Rod & Staff for writing and grammar and a variety of other things. I'm lookiing forward to a little bit of a change this year. And we start next week....aaaccckkk!

  2. Hey Kristin :) Thanks for sharing your choices...we are still making our decisions for the year. There's so many good curriculum's, and different *ways* to educate, it seems so overwhelming. So it's always helpful to see what other people have decided on!


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