Girls Room: Part I

Today the girls began painting their room. be's bright! They got one coat on today and will do the rest on Thursday. Then they will paint various color circles on all the walls. I think it'll look so neat, especially once they get furniture in there. 
I stained boards and helped hubby here and there. He's working on the siding and some of that stuff is really heavy. One of the young adult gals from church helped the girls. 
Tomorrow I will go up and paint in the utility/kitchen. I'll post those pictures later this week. We'll see if we get it all done tomorrow or not.
Nan cleaning brushes. Doesn't she look soo happy.
I think she's swirling the brush in warm water here...
Here it begins..Wall #1...bright Daisy Yellow. This girl is a soccer teammate of Kats.
How about this color....Electric Lime.
I was pleasantly surprised at how well all these bright colors looked together. I was a bit worried when they were picking out the colors.
And the final color!!....Calypso, all by Sherwin Williams.
I left them all alone to their painting and they really did a great job.
We had a few moments of getting paint on the ceiling...Kat here trying to wipe it off.
Mom says....go slow, take you time. Kat's probably saying, "okay mom, you can go now." I did leave them alone and kept my comments to a minimum. about bright. They're going to make circle templates and paint them all around the walls. I think it'll look really neat.
Getting closer to being done. They still need to paint one of the angled walls green. They'll put a second coat on it Thursday and then decide on circle sizes and colors.
Hubby is going tomorrow to buy the rest of the paint for the remainder of the house. I thought I was going to get a little break, but nope. I will eat, sleep and breathe paint for the next few weeks. It's a good thing I like how it smells.
For the rest of the house we're sticking with some of the colors we used in other parts. I think it'll look great. And if not, I'll be too tired to care.
With Joy UNquenchable,


  1. i love the colors :) you all did a great job!

  2. Kirstin, I think it's great that you gave them creative control. Those colors are bright but they actually look quite nice together!

  3. What brilliant colors, and they're doing an amazing job. I couldn't paint to save my life... last time I tried to paint (to save my life)

  4. Fun!! I know your girls are going to LOVE thier room. It is so exciting to see children expressing their independence and showing their style. My girls will have a fit when I show them this, esp. Maddie. She wanted more color than she ended up with in her room.


  5. OK, can I just say what a cool mom you are? I don't know that I could just stand back and let my kids to it. Heck, I don't even let my husband paint! LOL! I do all the painting, and I have a difficult time even letting someone help! So, you get the cool mom award! The room looks cool - can't wait to see the finished product!


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